Olympiacos: When the Legend started from Porto for the “8” of the Champions League

Olympiakos opposes tonight (27/10, 22:00) away from home with Porto and is looking for a great double, which will bring him in a position of power to qualify for the “16” of the Champions League. Porto brings pleasant memories to the Red and Whites, as in the 1998/99 season, their second season in the tournament, they began their impressive run to the quarterfinals. Then Dusan Bajevic’s team (on the Olympic bench in all games against Porto) faced the Dragons in Das Antas and with goals from Giannakopoulos and Gogic left with a significant draw, which played a decisive role in the development of the tournament. Olympiakos, in addition to qualifying for that season, has been in Portugal to face Porto two more times. 1997/98 season and two years later it was negative, as Piraeus lost (2-1, 2-0). The team of Pedro Martins returns after 7,707 days in the Iberian country with the aim of living moments similar to In total, Olympiakos found Porto on its way to Porto during the first three years of its presence in the Champions League as many times and about twenty years later it is called to face it again. On the occasion of today’s game in Portugal, we present the battles of Red and whites at the home of Porto.Porto – Olympiakos 2-1 (27/11/97, fifth game) It was November 27, 1997, when Zardel with two personal goals, “bent” Olympiakos, overturning it at a loss of 1-0 Porto, with the Dragons taking the victory at Das Antas. In the eleven of the Portuguese team in that match was its later and current coach, Sergio Conceiçοo. It should be noted that neither of the two teams managed to get the ticket for the next phase of the Champions League, after occupying the third (Olympiacos with 5 points) and fourth place of the group (Porto with 4 points) respectively. Porto – Olympiacos 2- 2 (16/9/1998, first game) From the unforgettable games of Olympiacos in the Champions League and from the many “dreamy” nights of that season, where Dusan Bajevic’s team reached the quarterfinals of the tournament. The Das Antas clock reads 90 and something, when Sinisa Gogic with a header completes a great return to the score for the Red and Whites (2-2). Olympiacos was losing 2-0 until the 87th minute, but saw Stelios Giannakopoulos and the “old man” scorer from Serbia give him one, valuable point for the sequel. Porto – Olympiacos 2-0 (21 / 9/1999, second match) In the last match between the two in Portugal and with Zlatko Zahovic now belonging to the Red and Whites, Olympiakos is forced to lose 2-0 to the Dragons in the second match of the Champions League. Escerdinia in the fifth minute and Zardel at the beginning of the replay give the three points of the victory in Porto, bowing to qualify for the next phase of the top inter-club competition. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news from Greece See all the latest News the world, in

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