Olympiacos: The truth of Rafinias

“We are very calm because we know we have a future in the group. Nothing has been judged yet. We have quality, the coach does a very good job, we believe very much in our potential. We are sure that things will go well for us. “Rafinia said in the locker room of” Dragao “. Without even taking off his shirt yet. Without the pulses having returned to normal. You hear him talk about football, and you feel the need to pay for a ticket. Walked as few Brazilians at this level. After all, a look at the shelf with the trophies of his career (Champions League, Intercontinental, Europa League, Copa Libertadores) does not allow objections. He has lived everything. To such an extent that his mind automatically does actions that others can not do even with a computer. Not disappointed with the result. “Of course we are in a position to exaggerate.” “We are calm,” he said. “We have quality,” he said. “We believe very much in our potential,” he said. And in fact with a score that could prove to be decisive in the final of the route. But the goal in this Champions League “line” is four stops away. Until next time? The Red and Whites just have to understand what happened to them in the past. And to continue to work with confidence in their potential. Neither the Dragons of Conceiçοo nor Marseille of Villa Boas showed superiority in this first round. On the contrary, Piraeus had intervals against them that you thought were squeezing opponents in the Super League. The fact that one match ended in victory and another in defeat does not say as much as we think. At least at the moment. Olympiakos set a goal on the afternoon of the draw. To fight with the champion of Portugal and the runner-up of France for the ticket that leads to the “16”. So far it is completely consistent. He said it. And he does. The next time he is called up in a week to face both, that is, in December, Mandy Kamara and Usainu Ba will logically be in their place. The work will have progressed. The fight for the ticket to the knockouts was not judged in the first matches. Will be judged in the final. Those who look forward to more than normal? Maybe they are still talking about the momentary mistake of Andreas Bouchalakis who has made leaps and bounds for two and a half years now. Those who know how to wait: They are listening to Rafinias. And they understand that the Brazilian’s calmness does not come from some inner need, but from those he sees happening day by day in the big port. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World , in the

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