Olympiacos: “The interruption would be catastrophic”

The Greek international athletes Stella Christodoulou, Katerina Giota, Areta Konomi and the German Diagonia of Olympiakos Ch. Their statements: Christodoulou: “There will be a serious problem of survival” The statement of the leader of the Olympic and international passer, Stella Christodoulou: . We are already trying to get back physically and competitively from the first quarantine and the months away from the competition venues. Also, most athletes live solely on the money they receive from the teams and there will be a serious survival problem if there is a padlock in our league. In this case, many athletes will surely turn to different solutions and professional orientation, leaving the sport they love and serve. The consequences will be great both for the Greek championship that we have been trying for years to raise the level, and for the future of the National team. Athletes and clubs are ready to follow all the health protocols and all the instructions of the competent bodies so that the championships can continue normally. “Giota:” The consequences of another interruption are irreparable “The statement of Katerina Giota:” Any interruption of the championship and the it would be catastrophic in the given period of time on many levels (physical, mental and livelihood) and would put a tombstone in amateur sports which is the cell of sports that promotes noble rivalry. The moments are critical and difficult for everyone, but life and everyday life must not stop and we must, as athletes, follow all the health protocols and continue to do what we love. The consequences of another break I think will be irreparable and I really hope for the smooth continuation of our sports and not just our daily life. “Areta Konomi:” We are not machines, we live only from our sport “Areta Konomi ‘s statement:” I think everyone we understand the reality and the criticality of the situation and that our health is paramount. We are already following any protocols that have been imposed on us without any problem. As athletes we had a very difficult time adjusting after so many months of downtime. We are not machines to push a button and return to the same physical condition directly to be ready for our racing obligations, so this carries risks of injuries. Another big part that still concerns us is the livelihood as most of us live only from our sport. Therefore for us it is not an option nor do we have the possibility for a new interruption. I think we are all willing to comply with any procedure we are given to ensure public health. “Hippe:” We must move on “Saskia Hippe’s statement:” I know very well that we are all in a difficult situation. An emergency situation. We all want to protect people and we all want to stay safe and healthy. Our job requires constant care of our body to avoid injuries. By interrupting for another month and starting all over again, our whole body system will be in a state of confusion and we will be at risk of injury. Our mental state will also be confused since sport is not just a job with a 9 to 5 schedule, it is a passion that lasts 24 hours. Volleyball is as important to us as the sun is on the planetary system. If you remove the sport from our lives, it does not simply mean that we will not go to work. It means that the most important part of our lives will be taken away from us. Can you imagine what it means for a person when you take away the most important part of his life… his first priority. The reason why he lives in a foreign country and has come to terms with seeing his friends and family a few times during the year. So if there is a possibility to fight, but at the same time to stay safe and healthy , I think we should continue. “Because I think there are other serious dangers we can face, doing everything we can to protect ourselves from covid-19 and again we will not be 100% sure we will not get stuck.” Follow it on Google News and find out first See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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