Olympiacos: The exception of Jenkins and the 10 months of waiting

In a countdown, Olympiacos for the match in St. Petersburg. For the 100% match with Xavi Pascual and Zenit: The Russians who remain in that 2-0 with which they started furiously (“double” victory in Efes and with Barcelona) but who completed 25 days of loneliness: Without Euroleague match, I say covid. Dangerous mission for the Red and Whites of George Bartzokas? Obviously. And the momentum is strange. Two defeats in a row count (Bayern out, Efes). They saw their record from the ambitious 3-1 land in the balance of 3-3. The reaction is required. But against the Russians and the unknown, it is probably a big talk if the conditions are right tonight. Waiting for the announcement, George Bartzokas also said: “It is a riddle match in the sense that Zenit played only one game after the break due to coronavirus in the Russian championship, a match that won 40 points. Of course, this was not a criterion for us to see exactly where they are “. So by boat hope? Not exactly. With the ambition to see things from Olympiakos that we have not seen so far in this beginning, is probably the appropriate wording. For the first victory in the tournament outside Attica after 10 whole months. It was January 10 when Piraeus left Valencia with that 93-91 in their favor in one of the most beautiful nights last year. The night that the Greek frame (Spanoulis 10, Printezis 16, Papanikolaou 16, Vezenkov 19) gave 61 points, 18 rebounds (Printezis 7, Vezenkov 7) and 12 assists (Spanoulis 8) gave its best waiting for the announcement of the return George Bartzokas in the port of his heart. Since then, “double” only in OAKA with Panathinaikos. Otherwise; Defeats? Alba, Zenit, Zalgiris, Maccabi and Efes last year. Bayern this year. A series that must be stopped. Only Jenkins. And how will this be done, my doctor? Obviously with Olympiakos improving key indicators in its game. Most important of all? The three points. The Red and Whites, even though it does not seem to them, are eagerly looking to find their form not from the defense (which works quite well in proportion) but from the attack. For this to happen, however, the ball… goal must enter from afar. And so far it does not appear. Statistics say 50 accurate three-pointers in 150 attempts. That is 1/3. That is, 8 accurate three-pointers in the 25 that are attempted in each match. Not even Harrison (10/30) who lives from the long shot. Neither Spanoulis (7/26), nor Sloukas (8/22) boast of an ability that they have data, but that at the moment does not appear on the floor. The only Bartzoka player to shoot so far with more than 50% is Carl Jenkins. The guy who came from Belgrade to chase rival peripherals and do the job on the back of the floor. The American has 7 out of 13 (53.8%) with the corners proving his specialty. Tragic irony; Last year he was the most misplaced American in the Euroleague. He scored just 2 three-pointers in 27 attempts (7.4%) On white paper “Right now every game is a different story, a different country, city, team, players, coaches… Everything is different. It is a strange situation for all of us and this match has its difficulty, like everything in the Euroleague. It is an away game that you have to play well if you want to win “, Bartzokas hastened to add, wanting to remind that tonight’s challenge starts on white paper. Olympiacos is facing a team that defends very well, that has a coach who knows the Red and Whites well. But we insist that the solution must come from the attack. And the attack opens from… far. The Ο sumO Olympiakos lost in the premiere from Zalgiris because they put 67 at home. He lost in Munich because against Trinkieri’s Bayern he stuck at 68. And he also lost from Efes to Faliro, because Larkin’s team put 84 raising the “line” of balance very high. the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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