Olympiacos: Ruben Vinagre ready for debut with Marseille

Olympiacos is preparing for its 20th appearance in the Champions League groups. The Red and Whites are not in the mood to play an observer role in their group. Minimum goal is 3rd place. The main goal is to qualify for the “16” of the event. Goals that go a long way from the final result of the group premiere match against Marseille. A match that Pedro Martins has focused on. Preparing the strategy that his team will follow. But also εν Ruben Vinagre. Pedro Martins is looking for the safe path to conquer the three points. And does everything show that he will continue on the path he has set since the beginning of the season and now that he enters the equation and the Champions League? There is information that Vinagre is preparing to go straight into the deep. Straight to the 11-man squad for the big game against Andre Villas-Boas. The 21-year-old left-back suffered an injury (left ankle injury) last week from his country’s national team’s hope against Gibraltar. An injury that was not serious, but that deprived him of participation in the match against Atromitos. At the same time, he deprived Martins of the opportunity to give him some minutes, both to find rhythm and to learn the game of his new team, to adapt to the environment and the habits of his new teammates. However, this does not seem to change the Martins’s view that Vinagre is ready to come in and play. Immediately. Even at the top level. Besides, in terms of physical and physical condition, the Portuguese is ready. And that showed in Monday’s training. He participated normally, without experiencing any discomfort in the ankle. And he “declared” ready for his debut with Marseille. As part of the puzzle that in a 4-3-3 arrangement will claim the best possible starting point of the Red and Whites in the “Star Wars”. Because everything shows that there will be changes in relation to the team we saw with Atromitos. Both in layout and in persons. El Arabi will obviously return to the starting lineup. Obviously, Bouhalakis will be added to the midfield, next to Jan Embilas and behind Mandi Kamaras. It is very likely that we will see 11 teams with Sa, Rafinia, Semedo, Ba, Vinagre, Bouhalaki, Embila, Kamara, Valbuena, Masoura and El Arabi. With Costas Fortounis, of course, claiming a position since he is in really good condition as he shows consistently from the beginning of the season.

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