Olympiacos: Do not allow a new “blockade”

When Olympiakos was playing in Ioannina, I wrote that it was the most difficult match of the team at a time when some people implicitly remembered the presence of PAS in Renti in the summer. The image of the match, the “rage” of the hosts for a result (and they did very well) proved that the match was really very difficult as PAS has a good team capable of the best. “Consolidation” in this year’s championship with Hassan’s goal being canceled after a meeting at the VAR and the lines coming and going. By the way, Clattenberg after the dialogues of the VAR that he gave for that famous phase, and because he was finally exposed with his choice that turned boomerang, he decided to stop the dialogues. there will not even be the evidence that exposed her in Ioannina. And the next time may well be in Heraklion. The situation is ideal, after all. OFI has a good team, capable of the best like PAS. Olympiacos traditionally has issues with OFI, it comes from a European match, it also has a break after it is offered for the “sanitizers” to follow a gel to bring moans and murmurs. . Play well, score goals and get the result by “breaking” every “block”, legitimate and competitive by OFI and unfair than usual in the season of “Sundays who returned”. Olympiakos must start from Heraklion to get rid of issues he has. Ten games without a goal at half time is too much! He has four away matches without a win (Nicosia, Ioannina, Porto, Manchester), he sends to the “garbage” a total of the first 45 minutes while he has not yet found the rhythm he wants. But the latter must be rushed to be as ready and prepared as possible to get the “three points” and go completely calm in the interruption and resumption that has breathless games, derbies and decisive matches for Europe. It will not be easy in Heraklion. It can be made easy by Olympiacos, which has no problems anyway. Martins sets up his starting lineup, puts new faces in to get them in as quickly as possible and expects a better overall picture and above all effective. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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