Olympiacos: “Broke” the block as a champion

What if for the 11th consecutive game he did not score in the first half. What if he missed another sack of opportunities for 45 minutes. Olympiakos, with goals from the unstoppable Hassan and Masouras in the replay, but also the top Kamaras, passed triumphantly from Heraklion, beating OFI 2-0. The Red and Whites achieved their first away victory this year, in a crucial game, which took place in an unacceptable playing field. Fortounis returned hungry and with an assist. With this three-pointer, Olympiakos reached 16 points in 6 games (the matches with AEK and PAOK have been postponed) and caught Aris at the top. The match between the Yellow and Blacks and AEK was postponed due to the many cases of coronavirus announced by the Union. On the other hand, OFI remained at 6 points in 7 matches and is in 10th place. The Red and Whites are going in the best way to the break and will have the opportunity to rest and recharge their batteries in view of the difficult matches that follow in Greece and Europe. Thus the two teams lined up Pedro Martins led Olympiakos 4-2-3-1, having Sa under the beams and Rafinia, Semedo, Cisse and Cholebas in the quartet of defense. In front of the center backs were Embila and Kamara, with Valbouena and Brouma at both ends of the midfield and Masoura behind Hassan. On the other hand, Giorgos Simos started OFI with: Waterman, Wes, Korovesi, Lymperaki, Selimovic, Diamanti, Sakor, Megiado, Balogianni, Starzeon and Giannou. game and in 4 ‘threatened Waterman for the first time. Bruma took steps from the right, made the turn to Hassan, he leveled at Embilas, the Frenchman shot from the height of the large area, but the ball had no power, went to the center of the goal and the OFI goalkeeper blocked with a second attempt. In the 12th minute, Olympiacos threatened again. This time with Hassan. The Egyptian shot at once, but the ball passed next to Waterman’s right crossbar. A minute later, OFI had a beam with Giannou. Balogiannis made the turn from the right, the striker of the Cretan team tried to score with a heel, but the ball stopped on the left vertical bar of Sa. “Hammering” by the Red and Whites, a cross by Bruma. 1-0, but Waterman fell in his corner and repelled the foul committed by Mathieu Valbouena. The French superstar executed the corner, Hassan took the head from the small area, but the ball went to Waterman and the OFI goalkeeper instinctively drove to a new corner. In the 29th minute, the referee, Papadopoulos, gave a penalty kick to his marking to John. However, the phase was controlled in VAR and the penalty was canceled, since OFI’s striker was offside when the pass was made from the left. In 42 ‘Olympiakos reached 1-0, but Brouma’s head through the small area stopped in the right vertical Waterman beam. In the delays of the first half (45 + 2 ‘) Bruma threatened again, but the keeper of the Cretan team blocked the shot attempted by the Portuguese midfielder from the height of the big area. Hassan “hit” for 1-0In the beginning of the second At halftime, Pedro Martins and his teammates on the Piraeus bench were worried when they saw Pape Abu Cisse slipping in his attempt to move away and fall on the field. The doctor of Olympiakos, Christos Theos, immediately went over the international center back and asked for a change, but the Senegalese central defender gritted his teeth and continued. In the 53rd minute, Olympiakos found the goal he was looking for. Scorer’s usual suspect, Ahmed Hassan. Mandy Kamara made the cross from the left, sent the ball… recommended to the head of the Egyptian striker and he with a nailed head defeated Waterman, making it 1-0 for the Greek champions. The tall striker took advantage of Kamaras’ impeccable cross and put Olympiakos in the lead. Three minutes later, the Red and Whites reached 2-0. Masouras pressed, put his foot and stole the ball from Waterman, returned to the height of the penalty, Hassan shot, but the OFI players put the counter and then removed. Fortounis, Masouras and 2-0! The Red and Whites had In the 69th minute, Martins made his first substitution, putting Pepe in place of Bruma, while in the 77th minute, the Portuguese made a second move, throwing Fortounis on the pitch. instead of Valbouena. The international midfielder even needed just three minutes to make his presence felt and to give a ready goal to Masouras. In the 80th minute, Olympiakos made it 2-0 and sealed the victory. Fortounis pressed, stole the ball from Selimovic, came out quickly against, turned to Masouras and he with a terrible shot from the side defeated Waterman, giving a lead of two goals to the Greek champions. In the 83rd minute, Martins made two more changes, with El Arabi and Rangelovic replacing Hassan and Masoura. The top ten: Mandy Kamara. Another great game from the African. Non-stop running up and down the international medium. He cut, “sewed”, he distributed. In the first goal he has made a terrible cross to Ahmed Hassan. “Recommended” in the head of the Egyptian, Kamara sent the ball, with the tall striker scoring with a nice head. The key: Hassan’s goal in 53 ‘opened the way for the victory of Olympiacos. Hassan scored in another match and together the bases for the three-pointer. Why coach: Martins started the game with 4-2-3-1. During the first half he changed it to 4-4-2, having Masura next to Hassan. Valbouena and Bruma were constantly changing sides. In the second half he made the right changes, with Fortounis entering the 77th minute and in the 80th minute starting the 2-0 phase. On the bench: The VAR holidays. In the penalty phase, it took five minutes to decide if there is an offside, in a phase that shows with the naked eye that the OFI forward is exposed. It took many minutes for Kamaras ‘goal in the 85th minute to finally make the decision that the African was offside. OFI (G. Simos): Waterman, Wes, Korovesis, Lymperakis, Selimovic, Diamantis, Sakor, Megiado (87’ , Balogiannis (61 ‘De Guzman), Startzeon, Giannou (61’ Gargalatzidis) .Olimpiakos (P. Martins): Sa, Rafinia, Semedo, Cisse, Cholebas, Embila, Kamara, Masouras (84 ‘Ranzelovts (69’) Pepe) Valbuena (77 ‘Fortounis), Hassan (83’ El Arabi). Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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