Occupation and hostage-taking Technologybud

Turkey is now bothering everyone. It wants to upset every international balance. Everywhere. Most of all, it bothers France. The only large country clearly opposite Ankara, without asterisks. The French pressure is constant. And the fact that Turkey is no longer defensible in any way bothers Germany, the friendliest European power to Ankara. steps to advance the dialogue on the Eastern Mediterranean, which Berlin is pushing for. But neither Turkey will gather, nor will Berlin allow meaningful European sanctions against it. Erdogan is bothering even Russia’s allies. He was “betrayed” by joint naval exercises with Egypt, whose warships crossed the Black Sea for the first time last week. But it’s bothering the Americans a lot more. Turkey’s constant embrace of Russia led US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to Fanari to meet with the Ecumenical Patriarch, angering the Turkish government. The Turks also showed their resentment with their parastatal organs, when, in a show of extreme nonsense, Gray Wolves gathered menacingly near the seat of the Ecumenical Patriarchate. Washington’s support of Fanari is one of the oldest and most consistent US policies. It dates back to the years of Athenagoras, who before his enthronement in Constantinople was Archbishop of America. In a highly symbolic gesture, when he was elected at Fanari, Truman gave him the presidential plane to travel to Turkey. This policy has not dragged on since the end of the Cold War. And it is not going to change with any US government. Because its main target is Russia. But the tension over Pompeo’s trip to Istanbul only for the Patriarch shows that Washington has now left Turkey’s policy of appeasement at all costs. One hopes that this will not change from January with the Democrats who have always been firmly in favor of appeasement. In Greece and Cyprus, many have described the ridiculousness of the Occupied Territories as an unprecedented challenge. Violation of UN resolutions, unacceptable action were the results. But what is so unprecedented about all this? Here Turkey continues completely undisturbed for about half a century the illegal occupation of Northern Cyprus. Although this is a violation of a UN that does not count in anything. Which, whether it issues resolutions or not, is the same for Ankara. In addition, for years now, Turkey has been systematically entering and leaving Cypriot territorial waters for research, also undisturbed. And now we are impressed by what? A fiesta? Why; There is a reason: because it emphasizes the fear of attachment. It is frightening because we have been pretending for half a century that reality is secondary to legitimacy. But for the Turks the problem is not legitimacy. They neither respect it, nor care about it, nor have they ever been under real pressure for the occupation that has continued unabated since 1974. The reality is that Turkey has de facto imposed the occupation and written the UN on the soles of its shoes. Not only under Erdogan, but from all his predecessors. And from those who will succeed him in the future. So it is not just possession. It is also the hostage that it causes. It must be broken someday. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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