Objective values: 1,233 areas remained “orphaned” – What will happen with ENFIA

The objective values ​​of real estate are evolving into a “bridge of Arta”. The outbreak of the pandemic acts as a deterrent in order to complete the relevant process. From the control carried out by the services of the Ministry of Finance It was found that there were no prices for 1,233 areas across the country. Thus, the Ministry of Finance was obliged to make an additional invitation to the appraisers by giving a new deadline, until November 30, in order to submit estimates for the specific areas. from Attica (New Philadelphia, Vari, Nea Makri, Lykovrysi, Paleo Faliro, Vouliagmeni, 2nd Municipal District of Athens) and Thessaloniki to the Peloponnese and given the conditions, after the imposition of a new nationwide lockdown, it is more likely to exist for the determination of the new prices in the system. The deadline, which I said appraisers, to complete their work expires in 22 days, however after the second nationwide lockdown, the extension should be considered certain, as autopsies are virtually prohibited, and the search for comparative data becomes even more difficult. of real estate appraisers are formulated for two reference properties: 1. “Newly built fully finished 1st floor apartment, net area 80-100 sq.m. or newly built fully completed house with a total clean area of ​​main rooms of 100-120 sq.m. opened on the 1st floor with the following sub-features: Facade on a single street or in a common areaConventional type of construction (reinforced concrete with brickwork masonry) Good quality of constructionExcellent degree of maintenance (newly built) With no storage and no storage space special viewIn usual location of the areaNo other features regarding the equipment2. Even and buildable plot in the respective zone, with the allowed use of land, in usual position, frontage in a single road and Commerciality Factor (CC) equal to one unit (1.0) What will happen with ENFIAAccording to the initial design and Before the outbreak of the pandemic, the process of adjusting the fair values ​​would have been completed by the first months of 2020, followed by the adaptation of ENFIA to the new data. After the first lockdown, the new scenario envisaged the completion of the new pricing project and integration of new areas in the system in the first quarter of 2021, so that the “exercise” of changes in ENFIA will follow again. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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