New Golgotha ​​Begins for the Land Registry – What You Need to Know

Another Golgotha ​​begins for the Land Registry. The launch of the post in the area of ​​Pelion is expected to bring a headache both to the citizens who own properties on the mountain of Centaurs, and to the scholars. This is because from the first phase of the collection of statements it emerged that the Greek State claims about 9,000 properties, of which 1,400 are located on areas that until last year were located in settlements, but are now mapped outside, as the Council of State (CoC) with the decision of 1268/2019 annulled the boundaries of the villages. In total, the State has submitted a declaration for 10% of the areas found outside the urban landscape. Distortions of decades Why did this happen? Because the state did not take care to cure distortions for decades. The supreme judges of the Court of Cassation considered that in all previous years the demarcations of the settlements were made collectively (by decisions of prefects, ministers and other incompetents) without studies, their boundaries were expanded excessively, consequently including large areas of rural and forest land. which were then subdivided into plots to meet residential and tourist needs. That is why they asked the Administration to regulate the urban status of the settlements by Presidential Decree (PD), a fact that concerns not only Pelion, but all the settlements of the country. The specific decision – in combination with older ones (568/2018 and 2887-2888 / 2014) who had a negative opinion on the construction of houses as divided buildings on farms in Pelion – put on the “ice” every construction activity in the area, even repairs, but also legal acts on real estate (sales, transfers, etc.) And now the property status is in doubt, a problem that the cadastre has highlighted. The annulment by the SC as unconstitutional of the demarcation of settlements “shifted” a multitude of private properties from inside to outside the plan, making them, in most of them, incomplete and buildable, and many of them were found in forest or rural areas It is noteworthy that about a year ago the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy Dimitris Oikonomou, in his first meeting with representatives of the municipalities of the region and the Technical Chamber of Greece (Department of Magnesia), had promised to respond soon to their demands for an immediate solution. However, the problems proved to be insurmountable for Mr. Oikonomou and his staff, leading today to a dead end and the researchers of the Land Registry. The recording of the limits settlements of both Pelion and the rest of the country that face the same problem, with the prospect of later drafting a PD. However, the issue will not be resolved… bloodlessly, as no one can guarantee that the new boundaries will coincide with the old ones, especially in settlements that have become “rubber”, occupying today three or even four times the area of ​​their original cohesive tissue. The new spatial and urban planning bill, which is expected to be introduced for a vote in Parliament in November, includes a regulation that proposes to determine the boundaries of the pre-1923 settlements of the country and those with less than 2,000 inhabitants to the real situation is taken into account and in particular the existing buildings and the existing roads during the year 1981. What should the affected citizens do? The posting of the temporary Cadastral Tables and Diagrams of Pelion concerns all the villages of the mountain of Magnesia, except those administratively belong to the Municipality of Volos. It essentially concerns the communities of the Municipality of Zagora – Mouresi (Agios Dimitrios, Anilio, Zagora, Kissos, Makryrrachis, Mouresi, Xorychti, Pouri and Tsagarada) and the Municipality of South Pelion (Agios Georgios Nileos, Kalimos, Afetas Mileon, Neochori, Xinovrisi, Pinakaton and Syki). During the first phase of cadastre in the two municipalities of Pelion, declarations were submitted for about 45,000 properties, however the final number will be formed after the end of the posting. specific villages will bear the burden of collecting a series of documents. In particular, for the 1,400 properties that were found after the decision of the CoC outside the settlements and are now claimed in whole or in part by the State, the beneficiaries will first have to make an appointment with the cadastral office. There the employees will guide them, as the case may be, in order to gather the supporting documents that they will have to present in order to claim their property. Indicatively, for agricultural parcels with a building before 1955, a certificate will be required, for later buildings the building permit before 11-6-1975, which has been legally issued and has not been revoked or canceled, and for newer buildings the building permit before from the entry into force of Law 4030/2011. In case objections have been submitted on the forest map, it will be suggested to attach the relevant data to their objection. Citizens may also be required to provide a certificate from the Forest Service or a concession for cultivated land, for former agricultural lands, photo interpretation of 1945. (or if these are not clear, of 1960), for forested fields title deed transcribed before 23/2/1946, for private forests concession, final court decisions, decisions of the Ministry of Agriculture, decisions of the prefect, etc. Also, titles must be submitted for plots of land whose succession of titles reaches up to 1915, or in case of extraordinary use for 30 years after 1885 the documents proving it. Beyond Pelion, the upcoming posts already bring headaches to the cadastre executives in Kalamos, Oropos and other areas where the value of land is high and have been formed with whole arbitrary villages (the so-called residential densifications) and with many illegal buildings by the sea, of which a large number has been declared and attributed to the Greek State. on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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