“Neutral” Turkey cooperated favorably with the Nazis in the period 1939-1944

The title of my text today is dedicated to the aspiring neo-sultan Recep Tayyip Erdogan, with the glimmer of hope of his recovery from his serial political delusions, in which he foolishly tries to lure tens of millions of thousands of Historically, the double Greek epic, of the ’40s and the national resistance 1941-1944, were characterized together with the anti-fascist struggle of the united allied forces of the same period, as the tomb of Mussolini-Hitler fascism. The absence of Turkey, in the then united pan-European and transatlantic anti-fascist resistance, was a conscious choice of the then Turkish leadership, for the simple reason that the supposedly neutrality of the neighboring country made Turkey the most insidious and financially greedy accomplice of the criminal The indulgently unprosecuted, unhistorical, six-time insulter of Emmanuel Macron, of all EU member states, but also a forger of History Erdogan, chose this year the anniversary of the crushing of Italian fascism, by the Greek fighter to fight and literally indignant against the world historical memory and consciousness, in the most ridiculous and at the same time inhuman way… He called fascists and pro-Nazis almost the whole of the western European world, which forms the quintessence of the triptych of the French Revolution Liberté, Eternité, , Equality, Fellowship) .The treacherous list of Turkish “neutrality” Unfortunate for e The aspiring “planetary leader” of pan-Islamism is the identification not only of the political credo in the western political world, but also in the western civilization, with the barbarity of Nazism, diligently served by the smokeless Turkey, when most of the European continent was starving. under the bloody boot of the SS and the Gestapo. Let us therefore recall the main stages of the then treacherous Turkish neutrality: · The beginning of the betrayal of democratic ideals, by the Turkish leadership 1939-1944, begins with the Turkish-German (Nazi) Treaty of Friendship (Türk-Alman Dostlak Pakti-Türk or Türk Friendship Day). This treacherous pact was signed by the high-ranking Nazi of the Third Reich and then Ambassador of Germany to Ankara Franz von Papen and the Turkish Foreign Minister Sukru Saratzoglu. Germany with the ostensibly “neutral” Turkey. Thus, in early 1942, Turkey, under Prime Minister Ισsmet νούnνούnü, began supplying the Nazis with metals, mainly chromium, for the manufacture of ammunition. At the same time, both in Constantinople and in Izmir, high-ranking Nazis and German agents in Turkish nightclubs and other auspicious institutions in Turkey were hegemonic in passing their military licenses. made of gold coins and bars, from the occupied treasuries of the countries that were under German Nazi occupation. · Throughout the Nazi occupation, in the countries of Europe, Turkey, without any hesitation, did not fail to ask for territories as in return, even in the Greek islands of the Aegean. The report of the British Embassy in Ankara to the Foreign Office (FO 371 / R2363 / 486/44) emphasizes: “It is likely that the Turks have territorial ambitions for the Aegean islands but, unless they play an active role in the war, it is unlikely that (FO 371/4087/24/44). · But the most gossipy, responsible and diplomatically ridiculous conclusion of the cooperation of “neutral” Turkey with the Nazi Third Reich, was the declaration of war by Turkey against Nazi Germany, after the defeat of the Third Reich in Normandy! Isn’t that a yavrim effendi Recep Tayyip Erdogan? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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