Neither Christ, nor David, nor Muhammad imposed headscarves and beheadings!

Another Christ-Christianity, another Muhammad-Muhammadanism and Islam, another Zion-Zionism. And in general: The ending “ism”, in all cults and dogmas, why not in philosophy and politics (eg Plato-Platonism, Marx-Marxism, etc.), so this ending often leads sometimes in enlargement, sometimes in interest-based alteration or adaptation, why not in forgery of the original teachings, theories or research achievements or inventions. With all the often disastrous results… It is in this very cornerstone, in this disorienting confusion of archetypal concepts, with their altered derivatives, that Erdogan moves comfortably. (That is, trapped in the magnetic field of purely religious Islam and the brutal extensions of Islamic jihadism). Was not something similar done centuries ago with the Western Crusades? Just 24 hours after the forced submission of its offensive flag, against all the peoples of the eastern Mediterranean, why not the Black Sea, the pseudo-caliph of Ankara and while still roaring , in our hearing and memory, his thanks to Greece, for our feelings and intention to support, to the victims of our neighbors in Izmir, from the 6.5 magnitude Egelados, Erdogan returned unrepentant and irreparable to the leveling his dynamistic personal ideology of Katsapliadika and blood-stained looting! So: – Although he promotes himself as a quasi-prophet of Islam, he literally catastrophizes with the method of discord and Islamic fundamentalist intolerance, the kinship between the three monotheistic religions these three homogeneous religions were born in the same Middle Eastern area… What was left of the destructive rage of the jihadists in the same temple of Palmyra.– With the same intolerance he destroys, despising the protective role of UNESCO itself, the world cultural monuments such as the Hagia Sophia and the Byzantine Monastery of the country, turning these two prestigious museums into mosques with shrouded in unique mosaics and rare frescoes. ISIS terrorist army, sponsored by Ern It’s not a coincidence, nor is it a coincidence that in cartoons posted in French on the theme, in the French language, in the beheadings and in the headscarf of women. Erdogan, accompanied not only by the beheading of Christians, mainly in France, but also by mob rallies in faraway Bangladesh, thousands of miles away from France. perpetrator of these “uprisings” Erdogan! For the sole reason of Macron’s “condemnation”, a cartoon that in the Western world stimulates a sense of humor and criticism, which is not forbidden by Muhammad – known for his humanitarian and tolerant orders, but the counterfeiters of his countless humanitarian points Related to the teachings of Judaism and Christianity. As for the Islamic female headscarf, which is an indisputable symbol of female submission to misogynistic masculinity, we must not forget that France led the liberation of Muslims from the post-Muslim era. black cloth mask that ridicules and nullifies female charm.In repeated polls conducted in France show that about 70% of French citizens approve of the ban on the headscarf, but even among Arab women immigrants their satisfaction with their release from the “prison” of the handkerchief.H double life of Emine Erdogan. In public appearances (rallies of fanatical Turkish Islamists), dressed or rather dressed in a suffocatingly tight dress and headscarf, but in private formalities with expensive models of international fashion designers σχεδιασ It is worth emphasizing in the chapter “Islamic headscarf” that once secular and after the Islamization of Hagia Sophia and the Monastery of the country of hierarchical Turkey, Emine Erdogan divides her life: On the one hand, she appears when she accompanies her husband to the “old” ordered “rallies” dressed or more upright like the babies in the villages of the last century with all-white or all-black clothes and a uniform fitted handkerchief. On the other hand, to buy from the most expensive boutiques in Europe bags, handkerchiefs, dresses, jewelry, dinnerware and decorative items worth millions of euros. And all this when he withdraws from the ordered rallies and hangs out with the companies of the Turkish pro-government police-army. or else to provoke European cultural sensibilities, “with terror and bloodshed”, all this waste of valuable time for Turkey’s progress, in the rallies ordered on a daily basis, but Mussolini and Hitler, by Ernst’s insatiable self-promotion The pseudo-caliph of Ankara has not realized that he is carrying out a law-abiding gallop towards his annihilation, but also the consequent liberation of Turkey from the shackles of an official barbaric and tyrannical jihadism. On the electronic press… not even the last blow to the heart of the Austrian capital, Vienna, by heavily armed foreign terrorists, with at least 7 dead and many wounded. It is obvious that the Greek Chancellor of Austria Sebastian Kurtz, together with the also Greek Emmanuel Macron, are the two prominent leaders of their EU member states, who attribute to the provocative Turkish trinity Erdogan, Akaru, Akvari, Chavsu With the instances of this unprovoked jihadist criminal violence, the chapter of judicial intervention opens for the perpetrators of the transfer of terrorism from the Middle East and North Africa to the heart of Europe. The de facto perpetrators of these cases must be brought to justice at the International Criminal Court in The Hague for further… But who are the perpetrators? The world has a drum and we have a hidden pride… in Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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