Need for large infrastructure projects for development

It is a fact that a major economic crisis to mitigate and overcome, especially when it comes from an external shock, requires the involvement of the state and proper government intervention, through a targeted fiscal policy, increasing public spending, as a Keynesian economic approach. However, government spending must be of added value, and the only way to achieve this is by deciding to run new and large infrastructure projects, which can mobilize resources in the economy and have a multiplier and sustainable effect on GDP. The projects must be distributed throughout the country, for reasons of balanced development, but also to be strategic projects of public interest, solving key problems of everyday life of citizens. More specifically, the construction industry has the ability to recover through large projects infrastructure, creating thousands of jobs and mobility for example, projects such as the extension of the Attiki Odos, the Patras Pyrgos highway, the eastern ring road in Thessaloniki, the railway, the railway , the construction of line 4 in the metro of Athens, the northern road axis of Crete and of course the construction of the casino in Elliniko as the general construction of the project, can change the shape of the country and make it very competitive in the construction industry, transport and logistics National funds can be combined, both with the corresponding amounts from the European Recovery Fund and with private capital in the form of PPPs, with the aim of maximizing the effect on the economy and society. In conclusion, this that is necessary, is the proper organization, preparation of business plans, cost-benefit analysis and above all the political will, in order to overcome all obstacles, for the country to find a modern and development dynamic towards the future. Meletis Rentoumis is a banking economist. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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