Nedovic: “Vovoras believes in me”

Nemanja Nedovi μί spoke about his start at Panathinaikos, his role in the team and much more. crazy dream that he would like to realize in the future. In detail what the guard of the “clover” said to For his first days in OAKA: “I did not start well, I was anxious in my first games. I ran a little aimlessly. Then I found rhythm in the game with Barcelona and I understood that I have to play. Now everything fits inside me, with Fener I got the right passes from my teammates, they helped me find open shots, something that did not happen in the previous matches “. For the role of leader:” Yes, that was one of the reasons I chose the club. I wanted to have a bigger role. The coach has believed in me, he gave me minutes even when I was not good. Now everything is going well, I have the ball in my hands. “For the pressure:” The club has experienced big changes and there is no money of previous years. The Panathinaikos jersey brings with it pressure. It would be even bigger if we had the fans with us. The jersey is combined with the biggest possible ambitions and I think we showed that in the first games “. For Giorgos Vovoras:” It surprises me, because he is young and until recently he was an assistant. He has worked with top coaches and got a lot from them. So far I enjoy our cooperation, I try to gain his trust. I like that he always has an ace up his sleeve. The tactics are excellent, the opponent is analyzed in detail. I feel that the analysis is more detailed than the one I experienced last year with Messina. Everything is clear, it is known who does what. Who helps, who scores, who blocks, who defends and against whom. If we exclude the game with Olympiakos, I think we are very good. “For his future:” It may look crazy, but I also want to play one season as a footballer. “I would definitely play in the attack.”

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