Nedovic: “The six stars show the size of Panathinaikos”

Nemanja Nedovic spoke to “Mozzart Sport” and referred, among other things, to the appearance against Fenerbahce, the size of Panathinaikos, his adaptation to Greece and Giorgos Vovoras. In detail, what he said: to Fener: “I might have done better at the start of the season. I put pressure on myself after the good performances in the friendlies. But I think I got rid of it. I have nothing to prove. I worked with myself all summer. Everything is going well and in the right direction “. For the fact that he did not play against Larissa:” The plan is to rest in a few games for the Greek championship and that is because we have a very difficult season ahead of us “. For the size of Panathinaikos and let him not be in the group of the strong now: “The number of stars that symbolize the European titles shout about the size of the club and of course create obligations and motivation. Some may argue that we are not more talented than some other teams, but we have shown that we are a solid team. “For Giorgos Vovoras:” I do not speak only for myself because I want great freedom, but from a team perspective. He is an excellent coach. And this is shown by the fact that after time outs, we usually have successful plays and efforts. Besides, he also worked next to Pitino. We really like playing for him. “On the absence of the crowd:” Unfortunately, this is right and I’m sorry it happens. Sometimes the feeling of big games is lost in all this silence. The most affected teams are the Red Star, Fener, Maccabi, who have significant help from the podium. The situation is deteriorating around the world. I hope, first of all, because of the health of the people, that the pandemic stops, so that the fans can return to the stadiums and enjoy the games together. “On the travel and suffering of the mission:” We traveled to London , where we stayed one night. Something similar happened on the way back. It is very difficult to schedule workouts. However, this applies to both us and others. This is the reality. We go day by day and we believe in the best “. For the teams he has played for:” I admit, I am not only a player who cares if the working conditions are good, but also the atmosphere in the team, that’s why I chose these clubs , that is, the cities in which I will play. “On whether he had a four-on-four with Kokoskov regarding the Olympic Games:” We talked, of course. However, all this is far away, due to the health conditions already mentioned. No one can tell you anything more specific, even though there is a timetable. The pandemic must pass. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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