Nations League: What does winning the first place mean for the National Team of Greece?

Our national team only needs a victory on Wednesday in the match against Slovenia in order to take the first place of its group in the Nations League. But what does being first in the group mean? What does Greece gain if it puts the Slovenes under it? First, it leaves behind the third division and is promoted again to the 2nd division of the next Nations League. Which means that he will clearly face stronger opponents and will not have a derby with Moldova, Kosovo and Slovenia. The prestige will be higher. Definitely the motivation. This is the only fact and it is not excluded that it may be the only profit of Ethniki. Because this Nations League and the firsts in the groups do not have the same privileges as the previous one, when the first ones played in a Final 4 qualification in the EURO. In fact, through it, teams such as Northern Macedonia, Hungary, Slovakia and Scotland will be in the EURO. However, it is possible that the first one will have benefits in the qualifiers of the next World Cup. And we explain: the European qualifiers for the World Cup will have ten groups. The top ten get a direct ticket to Qatar, while the top ten will play double playoff games and will include both of the top teams that won first place in their groups in the Nations League, in case of course they do not have qualify directly or have not come second in the qualifiers. It will be important, therefore, for the National to take the first place because in this way it can have a second chance to qualify for the World Cup. To do so with today’s data. If the Nations League was over today and Ethniki had taken first place in their group and in the World Cup qualifiers did not come out in one of the first two places, then they would like to have qualified directly or to have second place in qualifying 7 of the Top 8 teams of the “above” categories of the Nations League. That is, seven from Italy, Belgium, France, Germany, Austria, Scotland, Russia and Wales. Which is not so unlikely of course. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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