National Theater: “The circle of the unicorn” came for the young spectators

In the new existing condition of the three-week restriction, due to the pandemic, the First State Stage of the country, presenting the National Youth, creates a special theatrical experience for the little friends, the “Unicorn Circle”. elementary school students with the theater and “its gifts”, but also with the National Theater, the most diverse and vibrant theatrical organization and nucleus of creation of the place. The theatrical experience begins before the performance, in the classroom. In essence, this is the accompanying action of the play for children, I believe in unicorns, by Michael Morpurgo, which will be presented next December on the Main Stage, directed by Sofia Vgenopoulou. “The Unicorn Circle” opens! New Free Action: “Lady Unicorn writes to you!”: The theatrical experience begins before… Posted by National Theater of Greece on Sunday, November 8, 2020Action 1 Lady Unicorn writes to you * free actionIn the Unicorn Circle, we use a little internet and a lot of imagination. We address schools. We encourage the active involvement of children in the theatrical process by making them co-creators. We explore and try ways to use the internet, not to replace the viewer experience and live education, but to spark the imagination. We have created an interactive platform, through which the main character of the project, Mrs. Unicorn, sends stories made exclusively for young students. Teachers and young friends declare their participation in the special platform at They receive a letter confirming the registration in the Unicorn Circle and the correspondence begins, the internet journey. They then receive electronically the first part of a story that will be asked to continue through various options. The correspondence will continue until the completion of the process. The stories of Mrs. Unicorn are written by George K. Panagiotakis, (1st Children’s Literary Book Award – State Awards Children’s Book 2018) Information: Giota Baka, 210-7001469, monokeros@nt.grAct 2 Ms. Unicorn (when conditions allow), travels to Attica and visits with her company the school of students who took part. So your acquaintance with her continues… * Cost 5 € per student / threeAfter the period of processing the story with the class, the National Youth processes as a troupe now, together with the children, the story created by their class and presents it in the form dramatized narration in schools. The presentation will be followed by structured improvisations and role plays coordinated by the specially trained actors of the troupe. For reservations you can contact the Group Sales Office (Monday-Friday, 8.00-16.00) at tel .: 210.7001468 (ext. 310) or by e-mail: Conception, coordination, and responsible for educational materials: Sofia Vgenopoulou Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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