National Theater: Starts live online broadcasts of its performances

The National Theater, consistent with the role of the first theatrical organization that is by definition associated with artistic creation and extroversion, launches live online broadcasts from its stages, offering access to the performances of the current theatrical period (“Mrs. Maxim” , “Paper moon”, “To you who listen to me”, “Playing the victim”) that were interrupted, due to the imposition of new protection measures to deal with the pandemic. LIVE STREAMING: The performances continue! Live internet broadcasts live from the National Theater… Published by National Theater / National Theater of Greece on Sunday, November 15, 2020The online program The first live broadcast will take place on Saturday, November 21 live from the “Nikos Kourkoulos” Stage, at 20 : 30, with the play by Loula Anagnostaki “You who listen to me”, directed by Alexandros Avranas. The artistic director, Dimitris Lignadis, notes: “Theater, as an innate function in man, can not be replaced by any other means . The live interaction between the stage and the audience will always be one and only. At the present stage we are looking for something to replace the theatrical act, not to replace it. minutes). Tune in time as the show is presented live on stage and broadcast in real time. It is noted that it will not be available for screening after its end. In a small room people take part in a fantastic demonstration. Agis, a writer, participates in a forum and suggests to others to speak tentatively. They speak to an imaginary crowd, as if in a general test. They are drawn into this “game” revealing their greatest truths, but also their anxiety to survive in a hostile world. The direction and the dramaturgical elaboration are signed by Alexandros Avranas. The sets and costumes are edited by Elli Papageorgakopoulou, the choreography by Amalia Bennet, the lighting by Olympia Mytilineou and the music by Thodoris Reglis. Aglaia Pappas, Areti Paschali, Xenia Pavlopoulou, Eleni Roussinou, George Stamos

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