National Opera: The viral video on security measures from the coronavirus

With an unexpected adaptation of Mozart’s Don Giovanni aria from the “list”, the National Opera informs the public about the security measures it has taken to protect against the coronavirus. The National Opera returned after seven months to the closed halls with the premiere of Madama Butterfly on Wednesday, October 14 at the Stavros Niarchos Hall and the premiere of the ballet Human Behavior on Friday, October 16 at the Greek Alternative Stage. ELS strictly implements all measures for the protection of public health from the coronavirus. In this context, armed with the art of opera and the power of Mozart’s music, he presents a new video entitled “Safe in the Opera”, with the aim of informing the public about the measures taken in all its premises at the SNFCC . In the video, baritone Haris Andrianos interprets an adaptation of the aria “on the list” by Mozart’s Don Giovanni. Instead of the list of Don Giovanni’s conquests, in its new version the aria talks about the list of measures taken by the National Opera for its operation during the Corona era. In the video, Haris Andrianos welcomes us in the foyer of ELS at the SNFCC in the costume of Leporello (Don Giovanni), then puts on the costume of the taxi driver, the cashier and the cleaner, transforms into a well-dressed spectator of the Lyric and at the end enters the stage in the costume of Madama Butterfly singing the finale: “Safe, here, together, lights, curtain, music!”. The adaptation of the libretto is signed by Dimitris Dimopoulos, while the piano is accompanied by Sofia Tamvakopoulou. The video is directed by Alexandros Euclides and Michalis Asthenidis, based on an idea by Vassilis Louras. Based on the restrictive measures to protect public health from the risk of spreading the coronavirus COVID-19 announced by the Government, the National Opera its operation with 30% fullness (420 seats out of a total of 1,400 in the Stavros Niarchos Hall and 96 seats out of a total of 322 in the Alternative). In addition, it is noted that according to the instructions of the Greek State, the sale of tickets is done only electronically or by telephone, while the use of a mask is mandatory at the entrance, exit and throughout the performances. There will be at least two empty seats on either side of the (single or double) seats, crowding will be avoided and the provided distances between spectators will be ensured, as well as between spectators and stage / orchestra, while special protocols will be observed for cleaning, disinfection. and the air conditioning / ventilation of the ELS premises at the SNFCC. Watch the video

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