Nagorno – Karabakh: Simple lessons in war economics.

By Nikolaos Manolakos * Armenia capitulated to Azerbaijan after about two months of war. The Azeris, on the day of capitulation, had achieved their goal, having occupied 10% of Nagorno-Karabakh. On the other hand, the Armenian government cursed the military leadership, which could not respond while the people spoke of betrayal and demanded the resignation of the government. At the military level, the new feature of the operations was the use by the Azeris. , a large number of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) of Turkish (Bayraktar) and Israeli (Harop, Skystriker and Orbiter) origin, which, for the first time, were used en masse and are new technology weapon systems and extremely economical, compared to the traditional The first goal of the MEAs was to neutralize the Nagorno-Karabakh air defense system, which was achieved with precision strikes. Soviet-made Armenian anti-aircraft weapons failed to respond because, due to the small size of the MEAs, the radars could not detect them. The MEAs then isolated the theater of operations, destroying armor and personnel carriers they were trying to approach. At the same time, they recorded information about positions of weapons systems, transmitted them and were followed by artillery fire. In addition, they conveyed a faithful picture of the battlefield to the command stations, resulting in the immediate adjustment of tactical movements. Dealing with the Lesson: Modern air defense includes the use of MEAs (drones) and their neutralization (anti-drones). It is therefore important to ensure their adequacy and speed up the process of perfecting existing technology in domestic construction. Conclusion Two: War is not won, only by the heroism and patriotism of the staff (Armenia), if not accompanied by advanced weapons systems and the use of modern technology (Azerbaijan). Lesson: It is imperative that the equipment of the Armed Forces with modern weapons systems be further advanced, but also that the existing ones be in high availability, which the Government has already realized and is moving with speed in this direction. It is pointed out that the supply of new weapons systems should meet primarily the operational requirements and secondarily political and developmental criteria. Wish work to coexist. However, the political leadership should treat the operational requirements of the ED as a first priority. On the other hand, those who claim that instead of equipping the country, it should give money to other sectors, as has been the case in recent years, are Conclusion three: Armenia fought completely alone, hoping for the support of the West, which never came, but also the intervention of Russia, which came in the end, in order to maintain its influence. in Azerbaijan, but also to keep the pretexts against Armenia. To the same conclusion to point out the demolition of the myth of religious homodoxy, in the implementation of the alliances. Lesson: The defense of our Homeland is our exclusive obligation. Let us not harbor illusions about allies and the blonde homosexual race. At the crucial time, if alliances help, they are welcome. In any case, however, we must be ready to face the danger on our own. Consequently, it will have a say in the future of the Caucasus as well. Lesson: The successful outcome of the pro-Azerbaijani conflict with the Turkish alliance may encourage it to open a new front in our neighborhood as well. The Homelands of our country are strong. Enemy of the good, however, is the best. And the best can be achieved • By further increasing the personnel of the ED • By the supply of modern weapons systems, not necessarily expensive, but effective and suitable to meet operational requirements • With the high availability of existing weapons systems and their intelligent management, adapted to the modern tactics of recent years. Excellent preparation is the only solution to deal with any emergencies. Victory loves Preparation! Not to mourn! later as “virgin babies”… Nikolaos Manolakos Lieutenant General e.A. Honorary Commander ASDEN MP N.D. A ‘Piraeus and IslandsFollow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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