MP Paul, left-wing gold digger and acorn-eating Britain

Suppose we are in Britain with a heavy parliamentary history, where the rules are followed to the letter and no MP can deviate because he likes it. Not because he is a very heavy, dude, popular child or because his party leader is the his alter ego and he is not ashamed of it. And yet, a Labor MP is systematically a violator of the regulations. This Labor MP, Paul by name, has at times fallen into a series of misdeeds and miserable behaviors, but no one touches him. And especially his party. For example, this MP, going to Downing Street 10, realizes that a journalist is photographing him in public. So instead of laughing and even going to greet the journalist, what does she do? She grabs the cell phone from her hands. He curses her in the most miserable way, asks the Police to arrest her, deletes photos and personal data and… in a koutsavaki style, but from these cowards, he behaves so tragically that even the police remain speechless. Labor to discipline him? On the contrary. In the way she treated him, she said, “Well done Paul, keep it up. Alone and all of them. You are a god. ”So said his leader, and so did his followers. And Paul took his cigarette, turned his muzzle and continued the mission of salvation of the once powerful Empire. And why not continue Paul? Inside the Parliament, then, and without knowing the colleague of a top executive of his party, he sees her taking pictures. With the permission of the top executive of course… What does the deputy do? He pushes her, grabs her cell phone, curses her in a way that would make any woman, and not only, blush. “You are a journalist, you are filthy, you are greedy” etc. As soon as they say to him: “But he is a collaborator of that…”, he calms down, but does not apologize. After a while at a party event, Paul the MP sees the unfortunate again a girl who pushed him in Parliament and because he does not remember her, he starts cursing her again, making her an even more miserable attack. Fortunately, the girl now reacts and says: “Do not dare to touch me again, it will be a disaster”. Did the Labor party do anything? Absolutely. He slapped him on the back and said: “Go ahead Paul, you are a hero, you are the Zoro of politics, you have them”. Talk about sexism, unacceptable behavior, anti-democratic attitude. Only the extreme right finds them. These are just two of the dozens of episodes. which have been created by Paul the Labor. He has fought with MPs, with journalists, with artists, with the whole world. The only one who has not fought is with the far-right leader of Britain’s populist party. They drink and party together, they are dear friends and they can combine the extreme right, sprayed, homophobic and nationalist theories of one with the extreme populism, pseudo-magic, caprilla, ideological turmoil and a psychological problem that you would say Maybe because Paul the Labor is not so progressive after all. Or because in the process he decided that it is better to be a goblin of social media than to produce work for your place. All this is happening in Britain, it could never happen in Greece. Because here we have eliminated populism, we have killed the monster of the extreme right, we have defeated Chrysaugism and we are a progressive, open society where politicians are Gentlemen with K capital. Maybe because here in Greece neither the party leaders, nor the Parliament, nor the other institutions, but neither are the citizens a creeping “left-wing gold digger”. Because probably in Britain they still eat acorns, when we have serious MEPs, let me make a suggestion. Christos Pappas of the Golden Dawn, whom we are looking for, maybe if we find him we can send him there to the Labor Party? He will have the best company. Paul is waiting for him because Paul and Pappas are just two sides of the same coin. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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