More than 100 products of Greek producers were “introduced” in the Chinese market

Greek food and beverage companies participated in the 3rd China International Import Trade Fair, which took place in Shanghai on November 5-10, 2020. Enterprise Greece, as mentioned in today’s announcement, organized the national participation and offered visitors an imaginary trip to the Greek land The aim of the participation was to promote the productive potential of the country with emphasis on the agri-food sector, since more than 100 products of Greek derivatives were “introduced” in the Chinese market. At the same time, Enterprise Greece, with the assistance of the Consulate General in Shanghai, organized a tasting event – Master Class – of Greek wines with the internationally renowned “wine educator”, Mrs. Fongyee Walker MW. The event was attended by more than 60 wine importers, professional winemakers specializing in high quality winemaking, as well as journalists. An important platform for international trade. become an important platform for China ‘s international trade, investment promotion, cultural exchanges and cooperation with foreign countries. This year, the exhibition attracted more than 3,800 companies from 180 countries and regions, as well as more than 400,000 The total area of ​​the exhibition space reached 360,000 square meters, an increase of 30,000 square meters compared to the 2nd CIIE, while the total number of visitors exceeded 600,000. During the exhibition, more than 100 promotional events by countries and individual exhibitors. The value of the trade agreements signed during the exhibition reached 72.6 billion dollars. of Enterprise Greece, Betty Alexandropoulou, said: “The Greek economy is focused on operating in international markets, increasing trade between the two countries, attracting foreign investment in many sectors and creating added value in products, services and innovation.” “Our strategy focuses on harnessing this momentum, despite the current challenges. In this endeavor, China is a valuable partner. “Greek-Chinese relations continue to strengthen every year.” From joint diplomatic initiatives to cultural exchanges and the development of their bilateral trade relations, the two countries work closely together for the well-being of their peoples. In the midst of global economic slowdown and growing trade protectionism, Greece and China have and offer significant two-way export and investment opportunities. ” World, in

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