Moldova – Greece 0-2: Signed by the “magician” Fortuni

The National team found them dark against the multi-faceted defense of Moldova, until Fortounis found some space for action. A… flare of his own at 32 ′ and an assist – put it at 41 ′ in Bacaceta “signed” the 2-0 of National Greece in Chisinau. Victory at 94 ′ for Slovenia and now we only want a three-pointer on Wednesday in Rizoupoli to go out first and move up a category in the Nations League. useless. With the exception of a vertical pass by Bacaceta to Fortunis and the intervention of Namasco in the latter’s place in the fourth quarter, the National could not make chances. What if the Moldovans were waiting behind the crossbar? What if Greece brought the ball to the ends, in order to break the defense? He did not succeed. He could not enter the area on condition and threaten. What would it take? A personal action. And one such came in the 32nd minute, from the most quality Greek football player. Costas Fortounis took the ball out of the area, created space for himself and with a “fireball” from 20 meters sent the ball to the “window” of Namasco for 0-1. An incredible goal by Fortunis that “unlocked” the defense of Moldova and simplified things for the National Team. And nine minutes later, in 41 ‘, another… touch from “Fortou”. He was in the area, he could have finished the phase with a shot, but he preferred to make sure. Distributed to Bacaceta, place in the left corner of Namasco, 0-2 and γά the marriage ended. Two actions by Fortounis, two goals. The second half proved to be a standard procedure. Van Sip wanted to manage more both the result and the players. He even took out his best player, Fortounis, in 65 ‘, he took out Tsimikas, he took out Limnios, wanting to give them breath. Besides, on Wednesday follows the “final” with Slovenia in Rizoupoli. Greece took its foot off the accelerator in the second half, however, maintaining control. He could have scored a third goal in four quarters of Fortounis, but also in a great opportunity of Giakoumakis in the last phase of the match. She did not succeed, however this 2-0 gave her the victory she wanted. What did she not want? Slovenia’s second goal. The Slovenians found themselves losing at home from Kosovo, they tied at 1-1 and in 94 ‘with a penalty they scored a second goal, which kept them alone at the top. At 13 Slovenia, at 11 Greece. And as everyone understands? On Wednesday in Rizoupoli we want a victory and only a victory to move up a category in the Nations League. Otherwise we will stay in the derby with teams like Moldova and Kosovo. Moldova: Namasco, Reabciuk, Armas, Posmak, Yardan, Ionita, Cebotaru (46 ‘Epureanu), Spataru, Kosyakov (46’ Rai) ), Damascus (71 ‘Dross) Greece: Vlachodimos, Tsimikas (62’ Kyriakopoulos), Tzavellas, Hatzidiakos, Maurias, Bouchalakis, Zeka, Fortounis (65 ‘Tzolis), Bakasetas, Limnios (78’ Chatzigiovankis) ( ) .More in a little… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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