Mitsos the “Crab”, the transfer basket and the commander who can not catch European “corn”

I know, you missed Vassilis Dekarikos my readers. I also took my breaths, weighed the situations, I waited to watch the first matches, a little the European matches. And I am here to open your eyes to everything that is happening in the “tiger” AEK. Although as I see it lately, looking at the square, AEK is about to become a graphic that invites the common people to leave the team alone of! But we will talk about that again. Now it is important for me to reveal to you what is happening with the “tiger” and why everyone has put up with him about the mess presented by Carrera’s team. And should we only talk about a match mess? It happens my friends that the teams have their ups and downs. But here the locker rooms have become a playground. Whoever wants to come in, whoever wants to go out, the vendettas do whatever comes down to them, the coach does not believe in what he sees. And the administrative leader? Unspoken. And why should it be seen? What to say? I made transcripts for you, I put my hand in your pocket, so is it your fault? AEK spent a summer watching other teams strengthen and the “tiger” bring some players like Nedelcearo, which to say you must have graduated from Rabesantratana, something Tankovic that various people like Cristiano from Sweden present to us, but They do not explain to us why he was free for four months and no one took them and something Enobacare, who did nothing more than what the team vendettas do, but there he had the fist to send him out of the team before we see him. level were the transfers of AEK friend reader. But where to read them and who to tell you? Those who call you to leave her alone? As if the team is theirs? And it’s not just transfers my friends, that found crabs in their pockets. They are also the updates. To be the best player of the team. Fenerbahce wants you, to ask for two more drachmas, because everyone knows that you are the best player of the team, but the management should haggle with you for two months. And finally not to give them. You, dear reader, would not you alienate? Wouldn’t you care if you were like Livagia? The man did not ask for water in the desert. Money based on value he is entitled to asked for. And he heard them bargaining for him. And now take the consequences of this avarice. Am the other. Where do you take the other? AEK to play in Europe and its leader can not travel with it. How to travel? Can you imagine him landing in a city and picking him up? Imagine for a second you were transposed into the karmic driven world of Earl. Petroleum. It is not to play with them. When you know from “fresh”, you never want to return, you appreciate the sun… All this results in the “big commander” staying in Athens and the players not having a support. A man to put his back. A man who, if necessary, find a brother, to enter the locker rooms of the referees and catch any “corn”, go in and do their job properly. Nothing my friends, no one is there to protect them. They are left alone with some comedians shouting “leave AEK alone” and putting up with the people. And to rob the world, because “you do not know”. We are talking about such downstream… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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