Ministry of Labor: The 21 measures to support employees

A total of 21 measures to support the labor market and protect workers and the unemployed for November were announced by the Ministry of Labor on Friday. The 21 measures are the roadmap for protecting workers from the effects of the pandemic on the labor market and in combination The measures of the government are the shield of the Greek economy against the second wave of Covid- 19 is pointed out in the announcement. The measures are the following: Suspensions of employment contracts and special purpose compensation based on the calculation of 800 euros for the month of November 2020. Suspensions of employment contracts calculated at 800 euros instead of the 534 lump sum for the month of November 11/2020, in view of the Christmas holidays. The measure covers all employees who have been hired until 4.11.2020. Regarding the Christmas gift, which is payable between 21.12.2020 and 31.12.2020, the ratio will be paid by the state to the employers for the period that the employees had been suspended, calculated at the amount of 534. Special purpose compensation is entitled to the following two categories of employees Employees whose employment contract is compulsorily suspended and work in companies that are closed by state order under KADS Specifically: -From the 3rd. 11.2020 until 30th.11.2020 the employment contracts of employees in companies whose operation was suspended by state order on 3rd.11.2020 in specific Regional Units are suspended, before the announcement of the generalized measures for the whole territory, -From 7th.11.2020 or any other different date of commencement of the measure of suspension of state-owned enterprises For example, hairdressers, until 30.11.2020, the employment contracts of employees in companies whose operation was suspended by state order are suspended after the announcement of the generalized measures for the whole territory. There is a difference in the starting dates of the suspensions. because until the time when the operation of the enterprises is suspended by state order, the employee provides his work to the employer, who will pay the employee the salary and will cover the insurance contributions corresponding to the days of the month on which he worked. At the moment when the operation of a company is suspended by state order, the suspension of the employment contract is activated and the state now undertakes the payment of the special purpose compensation and the coverage of the insurance contributions in the amount of the nominal salary of the employees.2. Employees whose employment contract is suspended for part or for the whole month in companies that are classified as affected for the month of November, the generalized list of KAD of APRIL 2020 applies. Examples-Employee in a closed company with state mandate based on KAD in Thessaloniki in suspension from 3.11.2020 and will receive 747 euros (calculation at 800 euros for 28 days of suspension) – An employee in a closed company with a state order based on KAD is suspended from 7.11.2020 and will receive 640 euros (calculation at 800 euros for 24 days of suspension) -Employee in a hairdresser / barber / beauty center that closes by state order on 9.11.2020 is suspended from 9.11.2020 and will receive 587 euros (calculation at 800 euros for 22 days of suspension) -Worker in a affected company based on KAD suspended from 1.11.2020 will receive 800 euros or the ratio of 800 euros for the days of November that are suspended. The state covers the total insurance contributions calculated in the amount of their nominal salary. In the case of companies that compulsorily or not put their employees on suspension, it is prohibited to make redundancies and if they do so, they are invalid. The clause for maintaining the existing number of employees for one month after the activation of the suspensions also applies. Measure 2: compulsory teleworking 50% for those employees whose work can be provided remotely / horizontal measureAll operating companies per The territory, regardless of whether they are affected or not, are obliged to put 50% of their employees on teleworking if their work can be provided remotely. Teleworking is declared at PS ERGANI with form 4.1. Pi For example, an insurance company employs 50 office workers and 20 craftsmen. The company is obliged to telework the 25 office workers who can provide their work remotely, but not the craftsmen. The calculation of 50% is based on the number of employees who can provide their work remotely. Financial assistance to the unemployed – The payment of unemployment benefit is extended by 2 months to those unemployed whose unemployment benefit expired in September, October, November and December – A new one-time financial aid of 400 euros is granted to non-subsidized long-term unemployed. It concerns about 130,000 long-term unemployed.-The “Co-work” program continues for all operating companies affected or not.-The recruitment program for 100,000 subsidized new jobs remains open.-Submission of unilateral statements by seasonal tourism workers in order to receive the compensation of 534 euros for the month of October.-Submission of unilateral statements for the artists who have been registered in the artists’ platform, in order to receive a monthly special purpose compensation of 534 euros for the months of September and October. tourist sessions in order to receive a monthly special purpose allowance of 534 euros for the months of September and October.-Leave compensation rates are paid for employees who are suspended in 12-month hotels, calculated at 2/25 per month of suspension based on a calculation of 534 euros .-For the period from 1.9.202 0 to 31.12.2020 the employer insurance contributions are paid from the state budget for the 12-month hotels that had during the period from January 2020 to August 2020 lower gross income by at least seventy percent (70%) of the corresponding period 2019.-Culture companies are subsidized with 40% of spectator seats instead of 10 euros for theaters and 4 euros for cinemas with proportions of the number of performances, with the obligation to return 20% of the subsidy in the form of a social ticket to the vulnerable groups of the population. The measure is valid for the months of October to December.-The state budget covers 80% of the salary and non-salary costs for a period of up to 12 months in 12-month tourism companies with more than 50 full-time employees, who will implement investment projects energy and building upgrades of their facilities.-Special purpose compensation of 534 euros for a period of 3 months for employees in companies located in the regions affected by Janos. The beneficiaries also include employees in these companies who were fired within the period 18.08.2020 -29.09.2020.-Coverage of employees affected by the earthquake in Samos with special purpose compensation of 534 for 3 months.-Extension of special purpose permits for parents whose children attend high school. of total insurance contributions to air and coastal transport until 31.12.2020.-Flexibility of coming and going from work to decongest public transport.-For companies whose operation is suspended by order of a public authority, it is possible suspension of payment of installments of regulated insurance debts, p payable in November. Their repayment is postponed in respective installments, at the end of the current regulation. is transferred in corresponding installments, at the end of the current regulation.-Employees who are suspended from employment throughout the country are entitled to a mandatory reduction of rent by 40% for their main residence and for the student residence of their children. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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