Ministry of Digital Governance: Limit the use of social media to make networks resilient

Recommendations to citizens to avoid online entertainment applications, social media and video calls during rush hour, in order for the networks to withstand, serving the needs for telework during the lockdown, the Ministry of Digital Government announces. Ministry officials are “in constant communication with the electronic communications providers in order to ensure the smooth operation of the fixed and wireless networks throughout the period of validity of the emergency measures of restriction of traffic between lockdown and professional activity”. In this context the General Directorate Cybersecurity, in cooperation with the relevant services, is on standby to address any issues related to the availability and reliability of the critical infrastructure of the country. The Telecommunications and Post Secretariat reminds and recommends: * Avoid the use of online entertainment applications during peak hours, ie from 9 am to 6 pm. This creates the necessary availability in the networks for the efficient operation of e-learning and teleworking applications. * Give priority to the use of fixed networks for making telephone calls and avoid, if they are not necessary for our communication, video calls * Avoid sending large files without a compression process, if this is the case feasible. Likewise, we avoid sending bulk emails with large volumes of attachments. * Keep up-to-date the software of all home appliances that have internet access, based on the manufacturers instructions and recommendations. * Pay extra attention to incoming messages. from unknown senders and have as their subject the coronavirus – and, more generally, issues of Health and Civil Protection – as they may contain links that lead to malware. * To adopt responsible behavior and trust only the instructions of scientists and the National Public Agency Health. * If we have children, take care of their creative employment, in order to avoid their attachment to online entertainment services. * It is also stressed that no organization and agency, public or private, in Greece is going to request by phone, via SMS , e-mail or through social systems network information, information such as the password you use to access a service. Any such communication should be treated as an attempt at fraud. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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