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The selection of Anna Diamantopoulou as a candidate for the leadership of the OECD had from the beginning a side, and difficult to conceal, dimension: it would irritate KINAL. And Kyriakos Mitsotakis likes to annoy KINAL, something for which one can hardly be wronged. Things went according to plan: the parliamentary representative trolled, the leader tore her clothes and SYRIZA took the opportunity to make fun. The comedy ended with the government spokesman assuring the Greek people that ND does not lack capable executives. All this of course has little significance in the face of the indisputable fact that Diamantopoulou gathers all the qualifications for the position proposed by the Prime Minister. And if the effort is not crowned with success, because unfortunately these things are not always dominated by meritocracy, this person could be exploited in a government position. It does not need much searching: the ideal position is the Ministry of Education, no, to God, because the current minister does not pull, nor, to God, because the SW lacks capable executives, but yes, such a thing would have a high symbolism. Kyriakos Mitsotakis could not stop here. Ignoring the cries of agony of the supporters of moderation, immobility and the deep state of the Right, he could activate other names of the wider center-left space. Let him admit it: his most capable ministers (Pierrakakis, Tsakloglou, Chrysochoidis) come from there. As for the classic right-wingers (we do not say names), he constantly removes them from bass duties and his government sees a bright day. An obvious name that one might think of is that of Stavros Theodorakis. Such a choice may not satisfy KINAL’s annoyance, but it would justify a man who said it all right – without implying that he did, as evidenced by the glorious fall of the River. It would also be a practical self-criticism of the Prime Minister for his biggest foul when he was the leader of the official opposition: not only his opposition to the Prespa Agreement, with which he had no real problem, but also the legitimacy of the protests against it. another bright mind is Pantelis Kapsis. The former minister, and always a sharp journalist, has a deep knowledge of the problems that plague this country and practical ideas for solving them. Most likely, he would not accept a government position, as it would distract him from running, but that does not mean that he does not deserve it. And one could continue to highlight such a “conspiracy of the good”. Minds exist. Political will is needed.

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