Messinia: They are asking for compensation for the bluetongue

“We are close to the cattle breeders and their problems,” said the deputy governor of Messinia, Stathis Anastasopoulos. with the president of ELGA Andreas Lykourentzos, the latter assured him that he would soon consider the issue, given that the legal framework does not provide for compensation in this case. Further, the deputy governor recommended to the owners of The Veterinary Service, in order to minimize the transmission of cases to other animals, emphasizing that the Region took immediate action. He analyzed that, after the decision to designate a disease control zone, a radius of about 20 kilometers, are now applicable to the area it measures protection of the animal of capital. One of the measures is the spraying, which started today from the wider area of ​​Arfara and will continue, to cover all farms in the control area. For her part, the head of the Veterinary Department Maria Kotandoula, spoke about its characteristics the strong contagiousness of the disease, the weather conditions in our area that favor the movement of the insect that transmits the disease, as well as the strict measures that must be observed by breeders to protect their livestock. The service closely monitors the development of the phenomenon, supervises the spray crews and has direct cooperation with the breeders, constantly providing them with instructions. the work of the specialized workshops, while cooperating with them Follow the Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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