Messina: Stop the Euroleague until the spring

A historic statement by Ettore Messina, which may signal rapid developments in European basketball. for all teams without exception and asks those in charge to sit at a table and find a solution here and now. The Italian coach, one of the best and most successful coaches in Europe, proposes the suspension of the Euroleague for 4-5 months, the holding and completing the national championships and the return of the teams to the European stadiums from the spring. In detail the statement of Ettore Messina: “Dear basketball friends, after many thoughts I decided to send a message to anyone who will be willing to give me five minutes I had the good fortune to live a long career in international basketball: my teams competed with pride and Respect for the game, under the guidance of FIBA, Euroleague and ULEB. Even with disagreements and disagreements from time to time, I have always respected the leadership and vision of the late Stankovic and Baumann. Mr. Bertomeu and I have the honor of coach Mr. Van Den Spiegel, the current President of ULEB. protecting people from Covid. Every week we have more players or coaches or club members who test positive, more and more games, in each country or in international competitions, are postponed. Difficulties in traveling internationally increase, serious health problems for teams and referees. Soon no There will be dates available for postponing the games. More and more the sports results will depend on who will be luckier, facing less infection in his team, compared to others. For all these reasons, and with great humility, as a passionate fan of the game, I would like to ask our leaders to take a minute, put aside the different views that have divided them in the recent past and, for the good of basketball and its world, sit at a table and do not leave until a common solution is found. now, the only sensible option seems to be to suspend the European tournament to allow the national leagues to complete their season for the next four months, as travel within the country will be easier. After that, perhaps from March or April, all international tournaments can be hopefully completed in preparation for the Olympics. And, perhaps, COVID will have been reduced or eliminated by then. Of course, televisions and sponsors need to get involved, but a joint venture founded by our leaders will definitely help them get involved. The health of the participants and the Integrity of the competition are the priorities and we will forever be grateful, as fans, to our leaders for their decisions. the world, in

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