MEGA: Every Monday and Tuesday all roads lead to “Kato Partali”

Who would say no to a trip to the most beloved village of Greek television? Where anything can happen. And nothing more and no one is as they seem. The route MEGA – “Kato Partali” starts on Monday, October 19 and every Monday and Tuesday at 22:00. There we will see everything differently. The (seemingly) benevolent villagers, the Athenian visitors, the couples, the secret loves, the unexpected acquaintances. Konstantinos, a successful executive of an advertising company, loses his job due to a crisis, resulting in his life until then, which was full of parties and fun, to have to change radically. Myrto’s partner suggests that they go to her village, Kato Partali, with the possibility of moving there and engaging in agritourism. Konstantinos does not seem very willing but is finally persuaded to visit the village taking Vivian with his sister. Vivian, like her brother, is accustomed to luxury but agrees to follow Konstantinos and Myrto to Kato Partali to change performances, since she has just caught her husband Stefanos cheating on her. Stefanos, apart from being an unbeliever, is also a swindler who owes money everywhere and is arrested for his debts to the public. The three arrive in Kato Partali where Myrtos’ family is waiting for them. Diamanti’s father, a tough and proud man of the village who wants to marry his only daughter to Vlasis, a young man of the village, and does not see the coming of the “Athenians” with a good eye. Myrto’s mother, Moschoula, seems to welcome the “newcomers” more friendly and while she looks sweet and innocent, in reality she misses nothing. The life of Konstantinos and Vivian changes from one day to the next, including that of the boy of Vivian, Manolis, who arrives a few days later to inform her that the Police are looking for her. The quiet village is not what it seems and its strange inhabitants hide many secrets which will bring many upsets and surprises. Starring: Tasos Chalkias, Vicky Stavropoulou, Giannis Tsimitselis, Nadia Kontogeorgi, Minos Theocharis, Leonidou Kalfagianos, , George Voultzatis, Agoritsa Oikonomou, Gianna Zianni, Olga Damani, Meni Konstantinidou, Stavros Karagiannis, Ivan Svitailo, Eleftheria Benovia. Screenplay: Lefteris PapapetrouDirection: Amalia Gianniarouki MEGA # katopartali

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