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Nice (so to speak) quarantine measures, with aids, bonuses, etc. to be given to the employees of suspended companies. But will the government do anything for businesses? In other words, will it proceed with favorable arrangements, such as suspending their payments to Funds, Tax Offices and those who are waiting for them with their hands open at the end of each month? Because it sounds unforgivable to take action and announce measures for employees, but not for the companies that employ them. And it is not only the Funds and the State, to which the companies owe more or less. They are also the banks that have lent them from time to time. So shouldn’t something be done to alleviate business, especially in the direction of their debts to the banks? To suspend, say – I say now – the payment of the installments of the loans for as long as the quarantine lasts and their, consequently, closure. Let the people take a breath. They have everything else that bothers them, not to have the stress of the mandatory payment of installments to the banks, because otherwise the bank will enforce the laws and start the seizures. I believe that a government intervention in this direction would solve many problems… “Sacred” secret The Saint is ill, because he is a Saint – one of the few cases in the strange world of the Church – Archbishop Anastasios of Albania and had the courage to announce it to the faithful. He was also affected by the coronavirus and will be hospitalized in “Evangelismos” where he was to be transported in a hurry from Tirana yesterday by a special flight. However, two despots of the Greek Church that I know were diagnosed with coronavirus, but they keep it a secret from the faithful of the metropolises where they are pastors. In order not to shake their faith, it is one version – when you assure them that God protects their believers from the coronavirus, it is rather difficult to announce that you, who are supposed to have a closer relationship with Panagathos, have been affected by the pandemic. I also appreciate that he does not announce it because they will take him afterwards for his recent statements that communion with the same utensil does not transmit the coronavirus! For the second, who was more cautious, but also in favor of the view that the Eucharist does not transmit the coronavirus, I believe that the fact that he is very close to Archbishop Jerome played a serious role and any announcement would quarantine her predecessor. In any case, I wish the people well and recover as soon as possible… Something he forgot against two children, police officers, who had been sent for service to the church of the Brigadiers in Mesta of Chios, where the despot would work. During the complaint, as soon as he saw them, he started hitting the shepherd’s staff and shouting at them to leave. “Go outside, you are unwanted inside the church, we are not criminals to be here.” The good pastor forgot that Christ said that His Church is open to all and that even in Chios the popular saying is valid that whoever wants to go to the cafe and the church… I would characterize this (another) point of time τρο Companion line I saw the report in yesterday ” “Dawn” – just before I find the one who insulted me, once again vulgarly (the guys of “A” are used to it, every time they do not like something I write or say to swear at me, while they know that it does not stick to me nothing) – and teased me: it concerns the line 10306, which operates on a 24-hour basis and is a button for the lonely people who live among us. Next to us, beside us, but we neither see nor hear them. But he listens to them in 10306 and as the psychologists who work there reported in the newspaper, and answer the calls of despair and despair of lonely people, since April when this call center was set up, he has received thousands of calls. It is a private initiative and deserves the support of all of us who have at least one person to talk to and listen to us, now that we are experiencing the new quarantine… Respect for the lawsAnd here is what I mentioned earlier. So “Dawn”, which must have been the only newspaper in the world that did not have even a single, one-column, reference to the Pfizer vaccine the day before yesterday, simply because it is a success of American capitalism and therefore a very heavy thing for cigars leftism that trades the party organ of SYRIZA. Now that I can not do such a thing, I commented on the fact on the radio of the “First Issue” considering that this is an unprecedented journalistic blunder. The same, of course, was done by the media and “A” responded with a descent of the category “journalism for the rubble”. It did not dedicate to me the conclusion of the article… inspired by the once smelly basements of the Maximos Palace – answer. It is as follows: “In essence: this is what the government’s parrots want to do, is to open a front on the Left, that it does not want the vaccine found and that it is investing politically in social and economic disaster. This is a Goebbels level and quality conception, which shows one thing: that the government has lost control of the pandemic and is gripped by any news of the vaccine, like the one drowning in its own hair. This does not oblige us to promote it as Papachristos wants, the First Issue and the truth groups. Dawn will do what it thinks. If you want specific news on the front pages, go to North Korea “!! I, I declare it, do not want anything from” Dawn “- except one: to publish as required by law, the out-of-court settlement I have sent to it in response to “Character murder” attempted against me, a few weeks ago, by the well-known Karteros… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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