MAT in cafes with globes and chemicals. And no one gives up?

We have and we say, then. MAT men take a shower in a cafeteria chasing anti-authoritarians. They raid and beat anyone they find, indoors, in a few square meters. It is immediately reported that a small child was beaten by the police. There are eyewitnesses who confirm that there was a serious incident and that there was indeed a serious issue with a small child. The video below shows the moment of the police raid and whether or not a child, his mother, his grandmother and the unsuspecting patrons in the cafeteria, this is a criminal act.4 the most seriously injured5 – 6 the accused, some may be injured ATTACK OF THE POLICE AT ANTIFASCIST CONCENTRATION. After the ban on the anti-fascist gathering, first in N. Heraklion and then in N. Ionia, the cops attacked from everywhere— Α (Β) Γ[Δ] (@A_BG_D) November 1, 2020Which could lead to much more serious situations. How did the Police “apologize”? How did he respond to the complaints? Until noon on Monday, many hours after the incident in Galatsi, there was no substantive response. No official answer except leaks that, if correct, make the situation even worse for the MAT’s stance. Cafe. The grandmother was there with her two grandchildren, and according to the leak, the woman “told the police that one of her two grandchildren complained that his throat hurt, which is attributed to the chemicals. The woman contacted a pediatrician, who instructed her what to do “. And this happened 1.5 hours after the incident, says the leak of the Police. In simple words, they dispute that a child was beaten, despite the fact that violence is reported and a lot of wood with globes on the righteous and the unjust. It was that των the children’s throats were irritated by the chemicals. Because if the 5-year-old or ordinary citizens who drank their coffee were not hit, then they drowned in chemicals. And the question is simple: Who ordered the MAT to act on a sidewalk with cafes where young children, women, the elderly go? who could stay in the place? Whoever gave such an order must resign. Neither EDE that last for months and have no effect, nor “we will see, we do not know” and everything we hear as excuses. There is no excuse. If there are incidents with anti-authoritarians, the MAT must leave an area full of cafes, full of ordinary citizens who are not guilty of anything. Violence is not allowed by anyone. Especially for 5 year olds and grandmothers. Violence is both the globe on their head and the chemical that fell and could have killed them. No more tolerance for such incidents. In the afternoon, an ELAS statement was issued, a response to SYRIZA, which states: “Yesterday afternoon, an unplanned gathering took place in Agios Andreas Square in Athens (junction of Tralleon and Oropou streets) by a group of (50) people. Most of those gathered had covered facial features and brought objects suitable for the occasion. Police officers who rushed to the scene repeatedly and persistently called on people to disperse, due to the risk of disturbing public safety and to avoid the spread of covid-19. The gathered people refused to leave and then part of the police, attacking them, with the They were holding sticks as well as tables and chairs from an adjacent restaurant. Three (3) police officers were injured in the attacks, who were taken to hospital and damaged in service equipment, namely in (2) helmets and a pair of reeds. persons, (10) men and (3) women, one of whom was arrested inside the above store, after previously hitting a police officer with a pole he was carrying and which was confiscated, while in addition he hit police officers with his hands and feet to prevent his arrest In the possession of four (4) of the remaining detainees, three (3) wooden and one (1) metal poles were found and confiscated. In addition, four (4) of those arrested, after being injured at the scene, were taken to a hospital where one remains for treatment. (1) a woman while all of them were ordered to be examined by a competent medical examiner. During the incidents In the store, the police forces once used tear gas (bellows). Two (2) hours after these incidents it was reported that two (2) minor children, who were passing with their relatives at that moment (ie after two hours) from an adjacent point, reported harassment in the throat. . The Police are investigating them as complaints and are responsibly informing the public, a procedure which is applied in this case as well. “Earlier, the Head of the Civil Protection Department, Christos Spirtzis, had called the use of chemical weapons and the use of unprecedented violence. “The political message of the Doctrine and Criticism doctrine and the orders of the government have freed far-right pockets within the police,” he said. The majority of Greek police officers who serve the Republic on the sidelines and reduce the mission to ensure the security of the citizen “said the statement Spirtzi. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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