Masterpiece novels that guide us to America as it really is

America has given readers around the world great encounters with well-written heroes and iconic stories. Since the United States is currently in the spotlight due to elections, let us recall ten books capable of revealing aspects of America that we may not know exist or to introduce us to the unwritten American norms that others have elevated. and others stuck them to the wall. Maybe, in the end, the American dream looks more like a nightmare… 1. “The Road to the Fabrics” by the most important author John Steinbeck is what the title says. A story from the difficult years of pre-war America, when the economic crisis defined people’s lives. Different characters, with different educational and financial levels, try to maintain their humanity. Read also “The Grapes of Rage” and “People and Mice” by the same author, which describe with literary realism the dramatic life of people in poverty and despair. Especially about the Grapes of Rage, a book that describes in black the exploitation of people by the Banks and the landlords, Steinbeck was criticized for his liberalism. The American Dream was ending like a nightmare, and Steinbeck could brilliantly carry it into the pages of his books. In 1962 he was awarded the Nobel Prize in Literature and today his books are in all the updated libraries of the world. In 1940, in fact, the Grapes of Rage were brought to the cinema by John Houston starring Henry Fonda.2. Jeffrey Renard Allen wrote The Ode to the Blade, a flowery and musky book. With realism and distancing in the narrative, but at the same time with a tender and sensitive pen. The story tells the life of Thomas Green Wiggins, a 19th-century African-American pianist, composer and performer who gave a concert under the nickname Blind Tom. It is the literary portrait of a misunderstood musician and is said to have become famous not only in the US but also in Europe as he was the only African-American to give a recital in the White House. The author manages to skillfully transport us mentally in time, capturing with this story the brave struggle of a man to gain recognition in difficult conditions with only his weapon his talent in music.3. Paul Oster’s “4321” captivated thousands of readers around the world. He has been very popular in Greece for years, but with “4321” he also conquered people who did not know him. For many, the best novel of the decade that took and lifted, literally, a hero, placing him in different cities, times and conditions, crushing him with all the courage on the rocks of reality. Where the background is America — and it is on a large scale — makes you want to go here and now: to these cinemas, these bars, these busy streets that, when walking, make you feel very alone, sometimes.4. Another beloved American author is Philip Roth, who with “American Romance” tells the story of the rise and fall of a lucky American – a strong man, full of confidence, a master of social balance who is overthrown by the forces of society. Seymour Livov grows up in post-war America of triumph and prosperity. But what he loves is lost when the country is in turmoil, in the turbulent years of the 1960s. Not even the most isolated and well-meaning citizen can escape the sweeping wave of history. This book talks about love – and hatred – for America, about the desire to belong – and the refusal to belong – to this modern Promised Land. It masterfully contrasts the desire for an idyllic American life, – a life respectable, with calm, order, optimism and creativity – in Native American insanity.5. “City on Flames” is Garth Risk Halberg’s first novel, it had started to be discussed long before it was released. The author places the main action of his novel in New York in the 70’s, which has little to do with the form and content of the metropolis today. Hamblerg’s pen is accurate and sometimes documentary, but he does not write with the eye of a historian, but as an enchanted hiker, a man of his generation and a tireless observer. A top narrative moment is undoubtedly the description of the blackout of July 13, 1977. In 150 pages, the author describes this borderline situation for the city, through a dreamy walk to the places where his heroes are scattered in dark Manhattan, in the midst of robberies. , riots and disasters.6. “The Soldier” by Paul Betty, published by Kastaniotis The book that won the Booker Prize in 2016 is a wonderful, caustic commentary on the underground racism that survives in modern America. Paul Betty’s “Soldier” brings to the fore an African-American living in a rural ghetto and becomes the eccentric animal of his eccentric father, who makes a controversial psychological study of racial discrimination. When the father is killed by police, pressured by the expenses, the son returns to slavery on his property and raises storms. As reported in The New Yorker, it is “an incredible satire on racial identity in America. The Sold Combines lively comedy and harsh social criticism, but the book’s most striking asset is the living humanity of its characters.” . Walter Mosley’s “Little Scarlet” narrates in a stormy way the riots in the Watts ghetto in Los Angeles in 1965. A young white man is lynched on the street and to save himself he finds refuge in the house of a beautiful, black redhead with nickname Little Scarlett. When the woman is brutally murdered, the white man is accused and a new wave of violence breaks out. The case is taken over by a black detective, since only he can have the comfort of movement in the ghetto and clarify the case. Genuine noir atmosphere and well-written characters make you want to read it breathlessly.8. African-American author Colson Whitehead has been honored for his book “The Nickel Boys,” which chronicles the suffering and abuse of black boys at a Florida reformatory in the 1960s. The novel successfully listens to the socio-political pulse and events of modern America and speaks truthfully and harshly, sometimes. The book stood out in the 10 most important of the decade according to TIME magazine and was released in the summer in Greece translated by Myrsini Ghana.9. The book “Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House” that shook the American political scene was published two years ago in Greece with the title “Fire and Mania”, translated by Soti Triantafyllou. Its author, journalist Michael Wolf, With knowledge and insight, he recorded what he witnessed during Donald Trump’s election campaign but also in the daily life of the White House – where he talked to hundreds of people and was an eyewitness and audible witness of hundreds of daily scenes. Ever since Donald Trump took office on January 20, 2017, the United States has entered its most tumultuous political period since the Watergate era. “As that day approached, I began to write down what was going on, trying to see life in Trump’s White House through the eyes of the people in his circle,” the author said at the beginning of his introductory note. Its sales in America have surpassed and continue to surpass all previous ones, while the book has already been translated into more than 45 languages ​​with very good reviews.10. Because, like the classic, it does not have, from the list could not be missing the masterpiece of FS Fitzgerald “The wonderful Gatsby”. The book takes us on a tour of Gatsby’s magnificent residence on Long Island, where he gave the most dazzling parties and the strange thing about them was that few knew who their host was. He seemed to be a man without roots, without history, a man whose eyes were constantly searching for that special glow for something unprecedented; for a man as rare as a diamond. The wonderful Gatsby is one of the most fascinating love stories of the twentieth century. In this novel. Fitzgerald manages to express in a moving way the illusions of love in the bright environment of the New York aristocracy – bad lies, it makes us good and a little wandering in the diamond, American dream. Good and naked in other, top novels, but why not forbid us to conceive our drink with glamorous businessmen and beautiful artists of the past by clicking on a velvet carpet? Follow it on Google News and be the first to see all the news Latest News from Greece and the World, at

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