Massive Attack: A short film about climate change

Massive Attack has released a short film that explores the impact of the live music industry on climate change. The film, in collaboration with the Tintal Climate Change Research Center, describes the ongoing efforts of the Bristol-based trip-hop band to finding new ways to reduce the carbon footprint on tour and examining the vital changes in the music industry after the COVID-19 pandemic. Narrated by Robert ‘3D’ Del Naja of Massive Attack, the film was directed by Anthony Tombling Jr. Massive Attack X Tyndall Center for Climate Change Research, ā€¯according to APE, includes interviews with Carly McLaclan of the University of Manchester’s Tintal Climate Change Research Center, Liverpool Director of Culture Claire McCollogan, and vegan football club with zero carbon footprint in the world. “I guess I hope “We finally believe that new and unorthodox collaborations like these between artists, cities, energy and transport providers can multiply and that we can use our creativity in a different way to make this change happen faster,” said Del Naja. “Tidal analyzed the band’s live concerts to report on how the carbon footprint could be reduced. While a concert with the specifications proposed by the Tidal Center was scheduled for October 2020, it did not take place due to the pandemic.” We realized that our industry could not or did not want to move fast enough for live music to play its role in rapidly reducing carbon dioxide emissions. So we chose to design these changes ourselves and show that they are possible, “said Del Naja.

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