Martins: “We will be better with City, Fortounis and Rafinia helped a lot”

Olympiakos with a goal by Costas Fortounis prevailed with 1-0 of Panathinaikos, despite the many and important absences it had. Pedro Martins after the end of the game spoke with the best words for the international midfielder, but also for Rafinias, emphasizing that The two players helped the most in the victory of Piraeus. At the same time, the Portuguese coach of the Greek champions referred to the two faces shown by the Red and Whites in tonight’s game and stressed that Olympiacos will be better in the game that follows with Manchester City for the Champions League His detailed statements: On the difficulties of the week: “I honestly believe that our team will be much better in the next game with City. Dreger, for example, was on a plane for more than 20 hours. We were tired. The absences of El Arabi and Hassan will end. All this will be addressed little by little. The first half was very good and we could have scored one more goal. In the second we lost control and were in danger. Today the opponent threatened us. “For Rafinia and Fortouni and their performance in other positions:” I am very happy. Costas was very stable and helped the team a lot in a position that is not his physique. Our team performed very well and in the second our performance dropped. I am very happy with their performance. “For the fatigue of the internationals and Cholebas:” His condition will be assessed and we will see. From now on the situation will be better for everyone. Like Semedo who had difficult games, Costas who played three games in a row and Dreger from a long journey. The main thing is to be the whole team together to work on the strategy. This week we did not have the opportunity to prepare the team well. “Regarding the pressure of the second half and if it concerns him:” As I explained before, we should not worry. We played with a good team that put a lot of pressure on us in the second half. Our fatigue and strain appeared. All this will be overcome from the very next race. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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