Martins: “We are confident in the result – Except because of Corona Ba, Sudani”

Pedro Martins announced in the press conference of the match with Porto that Ba and Sundani are positive in coronavirus and that is why they stayed in Greece while for the game he said that he expects a balanced match in which his team will have to make the right decisions. to leave with a positive result. In detail what he said: About the draw with Porto: “I want to make a clarification. I have learned that some of my answers were mistakenly conveyed to the Portuguese press. It has been released that I said how Olympiacos will qualify for the next phase. I have not said that. There are three strong teams, Olympiacos, Porto and Marseille. They are worthy teams to pass to the next phase. The value of Olympiacos was not recognized in the press and I do not mean the Greek media that recognizes the value of Olympiacos. This is the first clarification I would like to make. As for tomorrow’s match, the game will be very difficult, balanced and divided as with Marseille. We are confident, but I think we have to play against a team with good quality and good orientation and the game will be difficult. “For Porto and Conceiçοo:” It will play aggressively, a team that can play different systems. We can face it, either facing a system with three defenders, or 4-4-2. Our players have the ability to adapt to the conditions. There will be times when Porto will be superior and other times when we will be. It will be a balanced match and we will have to make our decisions on how to deal with it. ” the postponement with PAOK: “We had a European game on Tuesday, PAOK had on Thursday and so the game could not take place on Sunday” except that they were found to be coronavirus positive. “Bruma is here and he can help. The reasons why Ba and Sudani stayed in Athens were due to a coronavirus. For two days now, they have been positive in the test they took and that is why they were left behind. ”Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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