Martins: We are all next to Bouchalakis

Pedro Martins spoke about the match with Apollon Smyrnis on NOVA camera and, among other things, referred to Andreas Bouchalakis. The Portuguese coach defended the international ace of the “red and whites” for his mistake against Porto and stressed that the whole team is by his side. In detail what he said: The lesson from the match with Porto: “We already knew that. You can not make such important mistakes because you pay for them. We are sad, it was a negative night but we showed personality and played with our soul. We gave it our all in a difficult field against a good team but we could have done better. We must forget it and move forward with confidence. We all lost together. I have the responsibility. Bouchalakis made a mistake but he is the personification of the Olympiacos player. He plays with his soul and is one of the emblematic players of the team. “For the psychology of Bouhalakis:” He will overcome it with the help of all of us. He is a very strong man with a huge personality and will stand up to him as a professional. We will all be by his side. “For the match with Apollon:” It will be a difficult game with a team that plays closed defense. It will take patience and efficiency. To seize our opportunities. To be absolutely serious and focused on winning. “On the opportunities for the new players who came:” This is how it should be done. All the new players are good but they lack a rhythm. They have to take matches and show what they can do. We trust them and will use them in many games. There is a lot of competition and this is good because there is a high level. “The news for those who have coronavirus:” We have to be patient until the 14th day test. Until then we do not know, We do the best we can by taking all measures. We respect precautions and instructions. Cases are generally increasing and it may not be possible to avoid such situations. “If he is afraid of unforeseen losses:” This is the reality and we will adapt to it. We do what we have to do. We have alternatives, so we designed the team for this reason and such cases. All that remains to be done is to give rhythm to players who do not have. “To reward players with new contracts:” After their good performance comes the renewals. And the players are happy and want to stay. We are happy for their work. For their effort. There are also contracts that expire several years later. We are all a family together and especially in difficult times. And that is why now we all support Bouchalakis. This is how we embrace all the members of the family and this is what we must do now that the player needs it. ā€¯Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world,

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