Martins: “This is how we will achieve our goals”

Pedro Martins called for concentration, diligence and determination in the message he uploaded to social media on Monday afternoon. The Portuguese coach of Olympiakos stressed that through these three, the Red and Whites will be able to achieve the goals they have set. Specifically, the message he wrote on twitter, stated: “The shoes are tied and we are ready to go out on the field! It is the beginning of a new week and, as always, we enter it with three things in mind: Concentration, diligence and determination. Only through these can we achieve the goals that have been set for each week. Let’s get to work. ”We remind you that next Saturday (21/11) Olympiacos will host Panathinaikos in Karaiskaki for the 9th game of the Superleague. The preparation of Piraeus for the big match with the Greens, however, is carried out with obstacles, since several players are missing from the training center of Renti, due to the obligations they have with their national teams. In the next few days they are expected to return to Athens and to be made available to Pedro Martins in view of the game with Panathinaikos. From the match with Trifylli, in fact, a Golgotha ​​begins for Olympiakos, which is called to give continuous and difficult games in Greece and Europe. See the message of Pedro Martins: Boots laced and ready to go on the pitch! 👟✅ It’s the start of a new week, and as always, we go into it with 3️⃣ things in mind: focus, diligence and determination.Only through these can we achieve the goals set for each week. Let’s get to work! 💪🔴 # MondayMotivation #Olympiacos— Pedro Martins (@CoachPMartins) November 16, 2020Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee the latest News from Greece and the World, in the

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