Martins is absolute: “Do you want a championship? Victory at OFI headquarters… »

Olympiakos left behind the game with Manchester City and continues its preparations for the away match against OFI, at noon (15:00) on Sunday. A game that is considered extremely difficult and dangerous for the Red and Whites, with Pedro Martins preparing his team for another battle. With the sole goal of winning and maintaining the unbeaten run in the league. on the bench of Piraeus. It has been two years since the game of October 21, 2018, when Olympiakos had lost 1-0 to Genti Koule. And the coach of Piraeus has not forgotten that game. For this reason, he has made it clear to his players that before the break for the National Teams, it is necessary and vital for the champions to continue with a victory, in a home from which not many will go through. To be precise, in his regular weekly interview with NOVA, he clarified that when you want to win a championship, you have to go through the OFI headquarters. While he confirmed that Vinagre has a problem, which he can not overcome. Detailed what Martins said on NOVA camera: About the match with OFI: “The game will be difficult, because it is a very well-oriented team, an obstacle for all her opponents. A difficult home, the game is so important that we can say that whoever wants to become a champion must first go through the OFI stadium. Sure, there are a lot of games, but whoever goes through there goes to the league. “For the good image of Olympiacos in the second half with City:” The game with City is not the criterion for the first half. He came in against City with too much respect. The opponent came in strong, while we did the opposite, we let City play their game. OFI is a difficult opponent, it will need a strong character and personality. The players who will enter must be determined. They have to come in strong, it does not affect us if the victory comes from the first or the second half, our goal is always the victory and not whether the appearance is good or not in the first or second half. The players who will play must be combative in character and give everything to get the three points. “If all the players will be available: . We will judge it until the last moment. We also have the case of Ba, who is positive for the coronavirus, everyone else is available. “On Radzelovic’s first call-up to the Serbian national team:” We are happy, proud and satisfied with Radzelovic’s progress. He is a player who has progressed a lot and through Olympiakos has shown the course of his evolution. Thus, there is no better recognition than this option in the National Team. We can only say that we are happy for him and that we have him at Olympiakos “. Follow him on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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