Mars with … broken brakes! (1-0)

Undefeated and… first! Aris continues to impress, with the team of Akis Mantzios defeating Apollon Smyrnis in Zosimades. The team of Thessaloniki has made a terrible start in this year’s Super League and after five games, the top is… yellow. Aris was in control of the match, with Bruno Gama breaking the heavy bond for the “yellows”. In the 35th minute, the Portuguese player in a wonderful way, defeated Kotsaris for the 1-0 of the hosts. The “Light Brigade” could not get close to the home of Boucher, with the team of Paraschos having only one chance in the first half The “yellows” were not particularly threatened by the guests, holding the valuable three points until the last whistle of Karantonis. Aris entered the match better, had control of the match, with Apollon Smyrnis being limited to a passive role. Of course, in the first minutes, the phases in front of the two hotspots were measured in the fingers of one hand. Two minutes later, Mateo Garcia made a nice move, attempted the shot, with the ball changing in the bodies. Bertoglio’s shot also hit the bodies, with the “yellows” trying to break the defense of the Light Brigade. Akis Mantziou’s team was pushing high, with the guests finding it difficult to reach the area of ​​the “yellows”. Bruno Gama gave the solution to Maggio’s team in a wonderful way. Bertoglio broke to the left, with the Portuguese player executing and beating Kotsaris. In the 42nd minute, Bertoglio threatened again from outside the area, with the Apollon goalkeeper blocking. In the delays of the first part, the guests had their first great opportunity. Fernandez made the cross, with Huhumis in an advantageous phase and sending the ball high out. Somehow, both teams entered the locker room, with Aris in front of the score. In the second half, both teams started with several mistakes in the center area. In the 51st minute, we had the first phase, with Bertoglio’s shot going high out. trying to make his team more threatening. In the 67th minute, Aris took a breath from the second goal. Mantzio’s players cooperated wonderfully, with Bertoglio shooting from the right and sending the ball to the outer corner of Kotsaris’ net. The VAR showed Mounier in an irregular position. In 81 ‘, the “yellows” had a great opportunity, with Matija shooting inside the area and Kotsaris blocking with a double effort. In the 83rd minute, Mounier fell in the area of ​​Aris, with Karantonis checking the phase and giving offside. Apollon tried in the last minutes, but the “yellows” kept the victory.

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