Mantzios: We have the funds for the top three of the league

Akis Mantzios gave an interview to the reporters of Aris for his first two months in the team and referred to what the Yellows have achieved, but also to the image of the team on the field. The Greek coach stressed that there are funds for a place in the top three of the standings , while he stated that a very good job is being done in the team and spoke separately about Mateo Garcia, Sasha and Sundgren. In detail his statements: About the image of Mars: “I knew where I had to work before I even came. From the first day I gave basis mainly to the tensions, to running in high zones. I saw a team going straight. There were no changes in her rhythm. I tried to bring it to a good level, working at the same time in regular pieces, both in the defensive transition and in the offensive. In 2-3 weeks I believe we will be at 100% “For the requirements that exist:” I know well where I have come from, the requirements, the pressure for results and that the goals are higher than the teams I worked with. But I also know the DNA of Mars. For example, he cannot play defensive football with the material he has. However, without playing defense, if you have a team that has a hard time accepting phases and goals, then in front you can easily or hardly find the goal, especially with the quality we have, this will become easier. After all, football has taught us over time that the championship is won by the teams that have a hard time conceding goals. “For the goals of the season:” Improving the part of the defensive function, I believe that this year will be successful. The first goal is the 4 to get to Europe and from there the higher the better. Competitively, the team has all the backgrounds to claim a place in the top three. “For the suspension of the championship:” On the one hand, it was good for us to work, mainly some more tensions. It is essentially the last week that we have the luxury of time. Then we will not have another gap and in the middle of the week it is more difficult to do that. On the other hand, the pace of the game is what ensures your readiness. Personally, I would prefer the game to be played with AEK “. For the work that has been done:” From the first moment, I gave all the children to understand which parts of our game we need to improve immediately. I did a lot of fours, I talked to everyone to listen to what they did not do before. I got a lot of information and the kids understand what I want from now on. The most important thing is to put bases in this group, bases that may not have entered the summer. “For the Mars roster:” Most of the kids from last year (Pink, Sasha, Matija, Gama, etc.) make sense not be at the desired level of readiness and have not started so energetically. What happened last year with the corona virus was unprecedented for all of us, I also experienced it in Lamia. Most of them played non-stop, so it is normal for them to explode. Sasha, for example, started the season with ups and downs, nothing compared to last year. But I wait for him and I see him go up every day. He has tried and improved. Also, some of the kids who came this year had to play football for many months, some over 5-6 months. The latest transfers, for example, still want their time. “For what worries him:” It worries me that the team does not have the easy goal, we are having a hard time in this part. I have spoken privately with both forwards and we are working hard. “For Sundgren:” I also talked to him, letting him know that from now on it is another day, and from the moment he wants to play on Mars, I give him the opportunity. That’s how we started, he came in and he responds positively. I do not care what happened before, I told him. Managing a full roster and maintaining the right balance is an issue that is equally enjoyable. “On the fullness of the roster:” Even in the position of goalkeeper, the team is complete. We have a trio that really makes me happy. Ciambanis, for example, was very positive with Asteras. Of course I was expecting it, because I do not see only the day of the match. Everyday life interests me. And in Mario I found that he has audacity for his age. “About his presence on Mars:” I expected that at some point I would come to work on Mars, I had it in my mind and of course I wanted it very much. We had a contact with the president in the recent past, but for various reasons then we did not reach an agreement. “Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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