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In Britain, with 1.2 million cases and 50,000 deaths due to the coronavirus, the government decides to lockdown. No more pubs, no more beer, no more tea with friends and acquaintances. The British, with a cold heart, stay in , they forget their favorite habits, they do not gather at friends’ houses, nor do they go to… mother-in-law for pancakes with pancakes or for dinner with sausages and mashed potatoes. the price of the coronavirus, but what to do? This is how the rules must and cannot be disregarded with so many dead. However, there are exceptions. The well-known MP Paul, the one who swears, abuses, commits violence against women, writes in his old shoes the laws of the state but also the moral rules, is here. In the midst of a pandemic, where distance is essential, masks necessary and avoidance The MP decides to do as his cousin says. He invites five or six of his friends to a tea party, sits at the same table, drinks their tea, tastes their English Breakfast, and has a good time. Because Paul He is a well-known tsaboukas in the British Parliament, and because he regularly writes and the Labor party to which he belongs, he does not hesitate to publish his tea party. It’s a mess in British politics. Angry politicians… can no longer tolerate Paul the MP who counts nothing. Newspapers and other media devote a lot of time to the illegal tea party, which is both illegal and immoral. Boris Johnson to call the world to isolate and Paul to come and break up everything. It’s not possible. He must resign or be fired from his party. ”And so it is. In Britain there are no balances, barriers and leaders who constantly cover their foolish MPs. One of the thief, two of the liar, three and his bad time. Paul goes home, drinks his tea in peace and to think that a politician must be a model citizen. He must be a respectable person, noble, generous even with his enemies, serious, respect the laws and the Democracy he allegedly serves. He can not smoke when smoking is prohibited. to curse anyone he does not like. He can not bully journalists or others. He can not neglect his duties by having a tea party and eating hours in the “facebook”. Generally he can not behave like a Manchester slut. This is how it is in Britain. And any resemblance to other countries is just a coincidence… Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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