Mammoth fraud: Dozens of victims in despair – The testimonies are shocking

They were given an easy monthly income from an investment that had no risk. They managed to confiscate their entire fortunes and then disappeared, leaving their victims in despair, hiding the devastation from their families and even attempting suicide out of desperation. to deceive businessmen, doctors, pharmacists, teachers, even bankers. “We are talking about great damage they have done to the world. I have heard some have attempted suicide. A few days ago, I was talking to someone who had left as an immigrant, because of this story and the child tells me I can not look my father in the eyes, because it was his money, which I would manage. “And he tells me I try to convince another victim, to call you. He has lost 300,000, he has not told his wife, nobody knows, he has not gone to the police, he is scared. ” The savings of a lifetime, made wings. “Over 100,000, less than 150,000. That is, they destroyed me, all the savings I had amassed all my life. They took everything from me, they left me nothing. It led me to depression, to anger; I put various things in my mind. I could not cope with my life. ”The tactic of approachThe tactic of approach was designed to perfection. Only from the phone, a voice that over time became familiar, convinced the unsuspecting to invest more and more. I put the first 1,000 euros, to start, to open the account and to start the whole process. ”Then I was passed on to another guy, who went under my skin, he became one with me. He had such tactics and such psychology that we became friends over the phone. He gained my trust and I put another thousand. Then I put 10 thousand and they would give me a bonus of so many more. ”The few reservations were bent with the platform that the experts had made. The 45-year-old, who thought that he was getting richer day by day, also entered there. “They gave me a code, I entered a platform and watched all the movements. And they sent me a contract that said that no matter what happens, your initial capital, you do not risk it, you have zero risk. That is, no matter what happens to me, my money will be given back to me and I felt safe. are you alive. 1,500 euros a month, it solved my problem. “The countdown began when the 45-year-old asked to raise the supposed profits of his investment.” My lies started and then they disappeared. I called them, they told me that one of them fell from the horse, the other is in the hospital, the other died, the other was chased. The ones I was talking to had all disappeared. ”The way of action that the victims describe in the lawsuits they have already filed is the same, with losses starting from a few thousand euros and reaching up to 300,000 thousand in some cases. Speaking to LIVE NEWS and Nikos Evangelato, a victim of fraud, noted that not all victims have resorted to the police “due to phobia and low psychology”. “When I started to suspect, it was late.” Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news. See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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