Make now the Minister of Health of common acceptance … Pol Pot

In the midst of his opposition (and he does well here as we speak), Alexis Tsipras made a very serious proposal. He said, among other things: “If Mr. Mitsotakis cannot, if reality exceeds him, declare it openly. To convene the Council of Political Leaders under the President of the Republic And to ask for the help of all of us. Let’s agree on a Minister of Health of common acceptance. ”Okay, whether or not a government can and will be decided by the people, either now or at the polls. As for the convening of a Council of Political Leaders, let me just remind you that during the SYRIZA government the only council that the then Prime Minister trusted was that with his far-right partner, along with Tzanakopoulos and a couple of other left-wing politicians who found a left door in power. However, his proposal for a Minister of Health was generally accepted. He does not want Kikilias, bye bye with his joy. Candidate for the post of Minister of Common Acceptance was this infectious disease specialist with his pros and cons, with his mistakes and his right, would SYRIZA accept him? On the other hand, let Mr. Tsipras nominate a scientist, a a politician he would like. Let the government see it and let us see it. Simply emphasize that if in any crisis, if every time the opposition did not want a minister then the government would make a reshuffle every week. That is, what should Tsipras have done in her time? “Levantine negotiation” that bankrupted the country? To accept the request for Minister of Finance of common acceptance? The… serious proposal Anyway, in the name of bourgeois and political nobility, let us accept the proposal of SYRIZA and change Kikilia. And since Tsiodras does not want while Xanthos, who is also a serious man, would not be right to enter, the proposal to save the country could be the well-known… Paul the MP. The one who can do whatever he wants and let no one bother him. To swear, to ugly, to behave like a politician (and a normal trumpeter) and his leader not to send him back. Instead of caressing him. Why not suggest this “brutal” guy who is sure to suggest “drink tsikoudia, kill the coronavirus” and solve the problem? After all, it is known that… British MPs, barons and lords the size of a Paul, they drink a lot of tsikoudia and know how to solve their problems in a more dynamic way. Wouldn’t it be the most grotesque proposal that Alexis Tsipras could make? Think about having Pol τ Pot as a minister in the midst of a pandemic. It would be a unique moment in modern Greek history. Even the coronavirus would laugh at everything we would live. It would “plant two meters in the ground” the virus. It would crush the entanglement that “gave birth” to the virus. Would it dissolve the sewers and the “petso… over eatings”? But how happy we would all be with Paul the Briton who posted fake news because, although a scientist, he is only informed by Facebook and the party leaflet, the newspaper “West “Wouldn’t we have any updates on a Trump ή level show or the infamous High Road area of ​​London? And how interesting it would be to see the new minister twist his mustache thickly, pull out his revolver and drop some pistols , copying from the balls of Crete? So make Pol Pot, the leader of the Khmer Rouge, the Minister of Health of common acceptance The one who knows how to bully women and put up with the weak… Cambodians. Okay. She can be seen in British salons as “progressive, honest, hardworking and mostly leftist”. But what to do all this when you are both Red and Black Khmer? When your leftist speech, style and actions are characteristic of her followers Golden Down of Britain? So let Tsipras dare and especially let Mitsotakis dare. Because if we are all to die from the coronavirus, let us die of laughter. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, at

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