Macron crime, Islam and a dangerous religious war

I really can not understand why suddenly Emanuel Macron is about the… 13th Greek God. of France is the new “European Hero” judging by his stance on the issue of terrorist attacks by fanatical Islamists. from a Europe of tolerance, secularism, respect for other peoples and avoiding a sacking of millions of Muslims because 5,10 or 1,000 are fanatics and want to destroy the Western way of life? In order not to analyze now what is the western way of life ρω I know, these theories are dear to the extreme right, supposedly patriotic circles. But should we see the truth and the reality without blinders? And why is Macron different from the half-mad Erdogan who has also started a religious war? I explain: The terrorist attacks are reprehensible. They are condemned by everyone, they cause horror and in no case would we want the jihadists here in Greece to slaughter our compatriots. However, it is equally dangerous to set up guillotines collectively for all Muslims in the world. It is dangerous and foolish to light public buildings. tragic satirical sketches that offend and target the Islamic religion as a whole. Even if these sketches come from Charlie Hebdo who has suffered a brutal terrorist-Islamic attack. to operate with the aim of uniting rather than dividing. If France is attacked, as Macron says, then it is being attacked by fanatical Islamists. Not from all the Muslims of the Earth. What is the point of Christians and Muslims being slaughtered in the streets? Who will benefit from this war of religions and cultures that is going to be opened responsibly ων by irresponsible leaders? Christians kill, slaughter, rape or commit historical crimes. Who forgets that the massacre in Srebrenica in 1995 with more than 8,000 Muslims, even small children, dead, were committed by Christians. So, those who think that our world can withstand new crusades, Those who believe that only a war of religions will “cleanse” the θ holy religion of the good and good Christ, from the… miasmas of the Muslims, makes a tragic mistake. Strong governments and real leaders face terrorism wherever it comes from, but they do not curse millions of people. cultures and religions are a cornerstone of European culture. Unless we want to build a Europe that is entrenched, purely Christian, fearful and racist. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World in the

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