Macheiras: “Finally, the goal came – Mandalos is a barometer player for AEK”

Theodosis Macheiras scored his first goal with the AEK jersey and of course, in his statements after the end of the match, he was very happy. The young player of the Union spoke to NOVA’s camera about the victory over AEL, deifying and Petros Mandalos. For the goal? “The whole team of AEK and the players support the players and the teams of Super League 2. We hope that all this will end quickly for them and I hope everyone finds their way. Finally the goal came. I am glad that I helped my team and these three points are very important. In every match I hope to score. I did it in this game. I am very happy and I hope to continue at this pace. I forget the previous games, for the sequel. I am no longer interested in the opportunities I missed. I did not want to think about them, so I scored today. “What changed in the replay?” And in the first we were good. Larissa was just behind the crossbar with 11 players. it was very difficult to create many opportunities. But we tired them. In the second half we scored fast, their defense opened and the victory came relatively easily at the end. “For Mandalos?” Mandalos is a barometer player for the team. Definitely in the second half he got even more balls, created opportunities and played a very good game. “Where does he dedicate the first career goal?” To all the people who have helped me so far on my way. I do not want to say names. It’s a lot. “For his execution in the goal?” Albanis also did a very nice action. I did a good control and it turned out that way. “For Galanopoulos and his return?” To continue as it started after his injury. To continue strong and never have something like this happen to him again. He has been waiting for it for a long time. He did good strengthening. I congratulated him on the goal. I did not manage to tell him more, because he was also charged “. Which goal does he choose as the best?” Simoes “. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news.

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