Lukashenko in the White House

Even with Donald Trump dominating the American political landscape, having witnessed moment by moment, in the past four years, the rape of the presidency by its 45th holder, I did not expect the moment to come when I would hear an American president asking stop counting the votes, because he himself decided that he won. I never expected, I mean, to see a Lukashenko in the role of President of the United States. Democracy is not only its result, that is, the realization of the will of the people, but also the whole path through which you end up there. A complex process, which is not only the conduct of free and fair elections, but also a host of other things, from the rule of law to political morality. These two, outcome and process, in democracy are intertwined: one does not exist without the other. It is no coincidence, if you look at it, that authoritarian leaders around the world, such as Putin, Erdogan, etc., always invoke realization of the popular will and systematically violate the web of rules and procedures by which a society freely comes to the expression of the popular will. So what Lukashenko of Belarus would do if he were president of the United States, we saw yesterday from Trump. After being ahead, I won! So we throw the rest of the votes in the trash. (Or, in any case, in recycling – for them it’s the same…) All these years, we who see with admiration the country in which the experiment “a government of the people, by the people” began for the first time in the modern world “And for the people,” Lincoln told Gettysburg. Now he opens the door for us to see what he does to him in his toilet… He was of course obviously depressed at the time of the intervention (he was there at 2 in the morning) and every two words the president threw a “beauty”, a clear indication that he was working idling. Nevertheless, such a crude interference in the electoral process, which is tantamount to falsifying the election result, even so casually, casually and casually, as if he were ordering pizza over the phone, is unprecedented and perhaps the biggest institutional shock to date. Trump’s Hair PullsThe quarrel began with a post by Rena Douros on social media, in which he accused the government of sacrificing workers in the catering industry, “under the pretext of a pandemic.” In other words, she argues that the real purpose of the government is to sacrifice this category of workers, while the pandemic is just a convenient pretext. It was a claim so Leninistically gross in its stupidity that ND responded with a statement declaring it ” favorite for the crown in the championship of the sprinklers “. Dourou disappeared, she replied in a low voice, concluding: “We are not denying the virus, we are simply denying the health insecurity and economic misery to which you condemn society.” To put it simply: they do not deny reality, only its consequences. I was looking around, that is… Without wanting to question Rena Douros’ lead in the “spray championship”, mentioned by ND in its announcement, I wonder how different its position is from that of President Fofi, who accuses the government of “targeting” the catering industry. Only in volume, in essence, do they say the same. I do not know the organizing authority of this tournament, but maybe they should consider a distinction (a commendation, a plaque, anything…) for the president. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the newsSee all the latest news from Greece and the World, at

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