Lockdown: The whole economy support package with a barrage of bonuses, increases and retrospectives

The government is trying to set up a defense line in the economy to stop the pandemic with new support interventions for employees, businesses, the unemployed, property owners and the provision of liquidity in the market of almost 4 billion euros by Christmas. With the new package of financial support and a barrage of payments of bonuses, increases in pensions and retroactive, the financial staff seeks to heal the great wounds that open in society and the economy the new universal lockdown, which deepens the recession and worsens the financial suffocation of With the country in a quarantine of three weeks at 6 a.m. in an effort to tackle the coronavirus outbreak, the government is looking to support the economy, particularly the Christmas market. where traditionally the turnover is particularly high and last year during the holidays it amounted to 3.5 billion euros. “The need for the market to work in December is one of the reasons we choose to take these measures now,” said Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis, announcing the lockdown for three weeks. The goal is for businesses to be open during the holidays to take breaths they want to keep upright. According to estimates by the financial staff, assuming that the tough measures implemented today will pay off and the pandemic will be manageable in December, a turnover of at least 2 billion euros will be saved during the holiday season. Christmas market, the government will launch in the near future the implementation of many measures and payments so that after the end of the new quarantine there is maximum liquidity in the market. By the end of December, hot money of almost 4 billion euros is planned to have fallen on the market, without ruling out the possibility that this amount will increase even more. Compensation of up to 800 euros to all employees who will be on suspension, mortgage subsidies that will reach 90% of the installment, “gift” 50% of state loans, two additional unemployment benefits, “freeze” payment tax and insurance liabilities, mandatory haircut 40% of rents, return of 50% of the damage to be suffered in November to be suspended. Those who declare a suspension throughout November will receive 800 euros, while for part of November they will receive 26.66 euros per calendar day of suspension. The November suspensions apply to employees who have been hired until November 4. The special purpose allowances will be paid from 21 to 31 December.1 billion euros will be disbursed through the fourth cycle of the repayable advance. Applications will start submitting after mid-November and the criterion will be the reduction of revenue in the two months of September – October. In order for there to be a liquidity injection, the reduction compared to the corresponding period last year should be at least 20% unless the company has been closed by government order in which case this change will not be required either. 50% of the cheap government loan will be a “gift” and will be repaid. The program is open to freelancers and the self-employed, even if they do not have a cash register or do not employ staff. Even companies set up in 2020 will be able to be supported. Freelancers will be given a minimum of € 1,000 if affected and € 2,000 if closed by government order. € 700 million will be given through the fifth round of repayable advances. The amount will be shared on exactly the same terms and conditions with the only difference being that the change in revenue in November will be taken into account so that the money reaches mainly the companies that are closed these days. € 108 million will be given to the borrowers affected by the pandemic and joined the “Bridge” program through which up to 90% of the installment of loans guaranteed by the first home is subsidized. More than 100,000 applications have been submitted. At the end of November, the state will start “paying” up to 90% of the installment of the loan associated with a first home. The beginning is made with the consistent borrowers who normally service their loans. For non-performing loans that have been included in the suspension of payment, the state subsidy of monthly installments will start running after the end of the suspension, while for non-performing loans after the borrower agrees with the bank for a new, sustainable settlement of his debt. For the nine months of the grant program, borrowers will have to pay each month the remaining amount of the installment, which is not covered by the state. 160 – 170 million euros will be collected by the approximately 170,000 heirs of pensioners who are entitled retroactively for 11 months June 2015 – May 2016. In the coming days, the e-EFKA electronic platform is expected to open in order for the heirs to submit the application and be able to collect the money they are entitled to. An additional 100 million euros will be given to retirees who have more than 30 years of insurance and who have retired after May 2016. A total of 30 million euros will be seen in their bank accounts by property owners who will receive mandatory reduced rents in November. 50% of the “lost” rents will be compensated. 300 million euros is the amount that the unemployed will receive in total by the end of the year for the two additional unemployment benefits that will be given to those whose salary has expired or will expire in September , October, November, December. In addition, about 130,000 non-subsidized long-term unemployed will receive a one-time financial assistance of € 400, with a total amount of € 50 million. € 90 million will be distributed in December to households entitled to a heating allowance to receive this year. for the first time those who use natural gas or LPG for heating. Also, the households with settlements with a population of up to 2,500 inhabitants will be granted an allowance for the purchase of firewood and pallets. 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