Lockdown No2: Is there a plan?

They say it does not help to cry over spilled milk. Indeed, time does not go back and crying has no meaning. But it makes sense and even huge to look for the reasons why “milk was spilled” in order to prevent a similar event in the future. The country entered a second lockdown. And this time he entered the community with far more cases than the first time. How long will the current closure last for us to be able to lower the transmission rate to safe levels again? If it lasts too long, the economy will be destroyed, if it lasts too short, it will not be effective. What is the idea? Should we open and close the economy and society by dancing to the purpose of the virus? The truth is that we are no exception: Europe is currently at the center of the second wave of the pandemic, accounting for more than 50% of global weekly cases. This proves that the strategy of targeted interventions chosen by all European countries to tackle the pandemic has not been able to prevent the worst. This has been achieved by other countries, such as China, Australia and New Zealand. International analysts estimate that if Europe had used the summer season to eradicate the cases, it would not have reached the current situation. The summer relaxation maintained outbreaks in the community which gradually led to today’s exponential growth. Countries that have managed to control the pandemic have huge cultural differences between them. But they also seem to have something in common: they think the “public health or economy” dilemma is misleading. The epidemiological acquis of the first lockdown (European and domestic) quickly evaporated on the supposed altar of the economy. Did the sacrifice pay off? How good are accordion policies in the economy? Will closing and closing turn out to be more deadly financially? But as we said, it does not help to cry over spilled milk. The new blockade is considered necessary for the cases to reach levels manageable by the health system. In practice, however, they postpone the problem to the next moment. Is there a plan for this next moment? Or will we find ourselves again fatal and helpless in the wake of the microscopic enemy? Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest News from Greece and the World, at

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