Lockdown: New package of measures for employees and companies

An alarm has been sounding in the Ministry of Finance since the lockdown became known. attempt to avoid even the local lockdown in Attica, where almost 50% of GDP is generated. The “wave” of the coronavirus proved to be stronger with the result that the country rolls down in November. The only sure thing is that the Budget, submitted on November 21, will be overshadowed by uncertainty about the extent of this year’s recession – certainly double-digit – and the negative domino for 2021. Lockdown brings revenue lossesEspecially in terms of revenue, lockdown is estimated will bring suspensions of regulatory installments and VAT from companies that will close and have a cost of about 1 billion euros. Only from VAT suspensions of “closed” companies, the cost is estimated at 233 million euros, but theā€¦ storm in the rest of the market is estimated to increase the total VAT losses in November to 500 million euros. Much will depend on how long the lockdown will last, but also the epidemiological data, when it will end. And this is because the Christmas market, in terms of consumption is a large part of the total pie. to save Christmas and New Year The rescue of the Christmas turnover is now one of the central goals of the government, as, with the way things are taking with the pandemic, the economic goal is to keep the recession as close as possible to This year, the target has been set for this year, ie at -8% to -9%. Not only the Greek government, but also the governments of Europe, are betting a lot in this market. The aim is to enable citizens to be outside during the holidays, so that they can consume and support the market, albeit in a limited way. After these extraordinary circumstances, the government is de facto forced to proceed with a new package, which will be bigger than the 2.3 billion announced last Saturday. According to information, there will be no surprises, in as regards the list of measures. The same measures will apply, but it is not excluded that some touches may be made in order to fill some gaps that may be observed: For companies that close by order of a public authority, the employment contract of the employees is suspended. They are therefore entitled to special purpose compensation, in proportion to the period under suspension, estimated at EUR 534 per month. For the above period, the full insurance contributions, calculated on the nominal salary, are covered proportionally by the State Budget. As long as the suspension is valid, the dismissals are invalid. The companies, for an equal period after the lifting of the suspension, are obliged to keep the same number of employees. Employees of business-employers, who are affected according to the expanded list of KAD April, can also be temporarily suspended from employment. November, until April 30, 2021. This debt will be repaid in 12 installments with zero interest rate or 24 installments with 2.5% interest rate, from May 2021 onwards. For companies whose operation is suspended by order of a public authority , it is possible to suspend the payment of installments of regulated tax and insurance debts, payable in November. Their repayment is postponed in corresponding installments, at the end of the current regulation. For the employees whose employment contract is suspended, it is possible to suspend the payment of the installments of regulated tax debts that are payable in November, and their repayment is postponed to corresponding installments, at the end of the current regulation. The suspension of payment of bank loan installments continues, based on the expanded list of KAD April, in consultation with the Hellenic Banking Association, until the end of the year. , October, November and December, by two months. Businesses that are significantly affected according to the expanded list of KAD April, are entitled to a mandatory reduction of rent by 40% on their commercial real estate. The same applies to the main residence of employees who are suspended from employment, but also to the student residence of their children, throughout the country. Follow it on Google News and be the first to know all the news See all the latest news from Greece and the world, in

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